Memories@Merici with Nicolette Marks, Class of 2008

Nicolette Marks, Class of 2008

Up, Close and Personal with Nicolette Marks

I graduated from Merici in 2008. The values I developed over the six years I attended Merici set me on an incredible path, which exceeded all my expectations. I gained multiple academic qualifications, I studied in Iceland and New Zealand, I was the only Aussie involved in world first research in Antarctica and I have travelled to almost 80 countries. I love exploring and globetrotting, but the strong sense of loyalty and pride Merici instilled in me, always draws me back to Canberra, to my family and community

For 5 years I studied full time and worked full time to gain a few Diploma’s, a Bachelors Degree, a Postgraduate Certificate and finally a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science. I am very ambitious don’t think my passion for knowledge will ever subside. I have begun developing outreach programs to share what I know through good science communication. I believe understanding is an essential foundation for encouraging open discussions about science and the environment.  The direction our lives move in, change constantly and there are endless possibilities.  While in my senior years at Merici I studied music and arts subjects, now I hold multiple Science qualifications and work as a Technical Assessment Scientist for the Government.  Merici empowered me to never underestimate my potential and always be confident in my abilities, because I know my future is going to be more wondrous than I ever dreamt it could be.

The achievements that I am most proud of, I would say the following:

  • Being selected as one of only 16 participants from around the world (the only one from Australia), to undertake the Postgraduate Certificate of Antarctic Studies at Canterbury University. As part of this course I spent 3 weeks camping in Antarctica collecting data and undertaking research for the New Zealand Antarctic Program.
  • Being accepted to the highly competitive 'Green Program', run by Reykjavik University in Iceland, investigating renewable energy and sustainability. I received the top mark and was awarded the Dux Award for Excellence.
  • Completing my Masters at ANU last year, with a Distinction average (while working full time at an executive management level)
  • Travelling to 77 countries, on 6 continents (Asia, Africa, North America, Antarctica, Europe and of course Australia) and being a part of so many wonderful and diverse cultures.

Thank you Merici College for the opportunity of sharing my story with the community!


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