Academic Awards Years 7, 8, 9 and 11 Students

Today we gathered to celebrate the end of the academic calendar in a year of challenges, joys and the building of a culture that celebrates and nurtures an inclusive and vibrant community. We also take this opportunity to recognise the successes, strength, resilience and passion exhibited by our young women in 2023. So much has been achieved, both academically and more broadly, by our students who have had the courage to serve our community whilst honouring their own dreams and capabilities.

Merici College Green Tip #50 - A more sustainable Happy Christmas

Christmas is upon us, and there are decorations and preparations all around us.

When it comes to the festive season and spending, it is a useful time to remember that every dollar spent is a vote for the world that we want - ethical, organic, fairtrade, no-waste... more sustainable.

Our spending impact matters - as conscious consumers, our spending influences the global economy.

This season, consider practicing conscious Christmas shopping for a more equitable, kind, regenerative and sustainable world.

Year 7 Christmas Marketplace

Today our Year 7 RE classes are running stalls to raise funds for the St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal. Each class has made craft items to sell and baked lots of delicious cupcakes and cookies. Student craft items have included Christmas decorations and other small gifts suitable for Christmas. Your handmade items look amazing! #communitas

Full gallery here, https://merici.news/view-galleries/year-7-christmas-marketplace-0

Merici College Green Tip #49 - Congratulations to Matilda Ross and the Sw(op) Shop

Sustainability at Merici (SAM) has ended 2023 on a high with Sustainability Captain Matilda Ross announced as the Winner of the Sustainable Leadership Award and the Sw(op) Shop Highly Commended in the Sustainable Schools Program Climate Choices School Awards last Friday.

Congratulations to Matilda!

Thanks to all that have contributed to this great result!

Felicity Maher

Sustainability Officer

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