Easter Liturgy

Today the Merici College community reflected on the significance of Easter by exploring the Stations of the Cross and other important aspects of Holy Week in the Easter Liturgy. The liturgy was completely student-focussed with approximately 50 students leading all elements. it was a beautiful liturgy and we would like to thank all our students for their reverence and reflection.

On behalf of the staff at Merici College, I wish our community a very Holy and Blessed Easter.

Anna Masters


Merici College Community BBQ

cThe BBQ was a great opportunity for our whole community to gather, parents to meet PC Teachers and for us to welcome new families to the College. Our six individual Houses were vibrant in their presence with House Coordinators, House Captains and Vice Captains coming along to meet and greet new families, welcoming them to our community. We would like to particularly thank our Dance Troupe for entertaining us throughout the event with exceptional dance routines.

Talk and Tour Saturday 1 May

For all families interested in learning more about Merici College. The Talk and Tour will consist of a brief introduction to the College by the Principal and a student-led tour. There will be opportunities for parents and their daughters to ask questions both during, and after the Talk and Tour has finished.

Girls in Maths: It just adds up!

On Wednesday 10 March, the staff and students at Merici College invited Year 6 students, from all around Canberra and beyond, to a Girls in Mathematics Day. Students participated in three key activities: Learning about ratios and fractions, through investigating the formula for the perfect ‘sherbet’; Puzzle fun through learning new tips that can be applied in other numerical situations; and learning the importance of team work and supporting teach other through competing in a team relay.

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