Merici College Green Tip #20 - Terracycle "Recycling the Unrecyclable"

Toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes and their packaging and dental floss containers are not recyclable through conventional recycling streams.  

However Terracycle is an innovative company that has made a business of "recycling the unrecyclable".  

A collection station will be set up at Merici in Term 3, the bonus is that we can earn one cent per item to put towards sustainability projects here at the school. 

Merici College Green Tip #19 - It's not only whales eating plastic...What's your plastic diet?

A new study commissioned by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and carried out by University of Newcastle, Australia concluded that on average people could be ingesting approximately 5 grams of plastic every week, which is the equivalent weight of a credit card.

The single largest source of plastic ingestion is through water, both bottled and tap, all over the world. 

Of the consumables studied, those with the highest recorded plastic levels include shellfish, beer and salt. 

Rosemary Zielinski to represent Australia in Israel at the 2019 International Physics Olympiad

This morning Rosemary Zielinski ,Year 12 student, together with senior staff members from Merici and her parents, attended the 2019 Australian Olympiad team’s announcement, that Rosemary has been selected to represent Australia on the Physics team at the 2019 International Physics Olympiad. Rosemary and team members will be competing in Israel from 7-15 July. We wish Rosemary all the best in this international competition.


Listen to ABC Radio Interview with Rosie and team members.



Student Achievement - Caitlyn Crick wins ACT Plain English Speaking Award

We congratulate Caitlyn Crick on winning the ACT Plain English Speaking Award (PESA) with her speech on gender equality in the workplace. Caitlyn also  delivered an impromptu speech on her magical childhood compared to children from broken homes.  Caitlyn now moves onto the national finals in Brisbane next term. Well done Caitlyn!

Students Achievement at NSW U15 State Hockey Championships

Merici students Imogen Dorsett and Brooke Ellis recently represented Canberra at the NSW U15 State Hockey Championships in Wagga, 21-23 June .

The high-caliber, three day tournament saw 35 teams from across NSW, including 2 from the ACT, representing their respective regions.

Imogen and Brooke both played in the Canberra 1 side. Strong teamwork and lots of goals saw the team take out their division with wins in all 7 games, including the Grand Final.

Well done girls!


New Mural for #MERICI60

Our 60th Anniversary this year has provided the College with the opportunity to fulfil our Straregic Plan goal where we are committed to beautifying our school grounds and investing in artworks that celebrate the history and traditions of our Founders.This week we have commenced our second project, to create a mural, which will be situated in the Old Quad adjacent to the existing mural.

We would like to thank families who have finanically contributed to our fundraising for artworks.

Merici College Green Tip #16 - Please say NO!

Please say "No"


During a recent waste audit, the pictured item was found in one of our bins.  It is a toy from McDonalds, opened, used for perhaps a few seconds and discarded to landfill where it will spend potentially a few hundred years.

It would be a positive action for sustainability and the school if you would decline such items at point of purchase.

Please say "no thanks"!


Felicity Maher 
Sustainability Officer 

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