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Merici College Green Tip #14 - World Bee Day

This Friday, May 20th, is World Bee Day.

World Bee Day is held in recognition of the role bees play in sustaining food security, biodiversity, ecosystems health... and ultimately humans and many other species. 

At Merici we will be holding a lunchtime stall on Friday 20 May offering honey joys for $1 and beeswax lip balm for $3 made by students.

Proceeds will be donated to Wheen Bee Foundation, towards the Rita Fund for Australian Native Bees.

Merici College Scholarships 2024

Merici College has a range of scholarships available to support the talents and educational achievements of our girls. We currently have scholarships available for Year 7 students, Year 12 Vocational Education and Training Scholarship for current Year 11 students, and Scholarships for current Year 10 students and future Year 11/12 Students. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Applications close 1 July.

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Mother's Day Liturgy and Lunch

We would like to thank our mothers and daughters for attending our Mother's Day Liturgy and Lunch today. It was a wonderful celebration!

We would like to extend our thanks and congratulations to our Hospitality students and staff on preparing and service a delicious lunch.

Full gallery here.

Merici College Green Tip #12 - What to do with used paper towel

Used paper towel is often found in the yellow recycling bins at Merici.

Paper towels are not recyclable and cannot be disposed of alongside your other paper and cardboard recyclables.

Although paper towels are typically made using wood or cardboard, the process that gets them kitchen-ready makes them non-recyclable

Plus, they can also be contaminated with toxic or non-organic products.

Unbleached paper towels can go in the compost.

Others must sadly go to landfill. 

Merici College Green Tip #11 - Want to reduce your indoor air pollution

Get a plant!

Australians spend around 90% of their time indoors.

Studies show that indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air.

Indoor plants are an easy and attractive way to purify the air in your home and workplace.

Keep them away from your pets though!

More information:

Why grow indoor plants? | Sustainable Gardening Australia (


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