Merici College Student Selected for STEM Summer School

Year 10 student, Ashlyn Radford, has been selected to attend the Aboriginal Summer School for Excellence in Technology and Science (ASSETS) for their outstanding achievement in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Ashlyn is one of only 105 students from across Australia to be selected to attend one of the three summer schools which will take place during December 2018/January 2019.

Women in Aviation/Aerospace Australia Summit

Following on from our excellent experience last year, Merici was again offered the opportunity to take three students to the 2018 Women in Aviation/Aerospace Australia summit at the National Convention Centre. Emma Howse and Sarah Carstens (Year 10) and Natasha Silver (Year 12) were sponsored by Lockheed Martin and attended with me.  Emma and Sarah are part of Merici’s engineering elective and are looking ahead to aerospace-related careers.  Natasha aspires to be a pilot and is planning a career in aviation.

Student placed in top 50 students in Australia for Physics, Chemistry and Earth/Environnmental Science

We congratulate Rosemary Zielinski (Year 11), who this year sat all four of the Australian Science Olympiad exams: Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Earth/Environmental Science (EES). 

Rosemary placed in the top 50 students in Australia for Physics, Chemistry and EES, and has been invited to the Olympiad Summer School for both Physics and EES.  Rosemary has chosen to undertake Physics.

Australian National Chemistry Quiz Student Achievements

Earlier in Term 3, a number of students in Years 9-12 sat the Australian National Chemistry Quiz. Congratulations to the following students who have been awarded certificates of achievement.

Year 9:

Distinction: Ashley Frater

Credit: Hafsah Mughal


Year 10:

High Distinction: Annalise Lennon

Distinction: Ashlyn Radford, Kaheesha Rai, Jemma Richardson, Samantha Trafford

Credit: Lily Alexander, Shreya Bhatnagar, Bridget Darby, Emma Garratt, Areebah Murad, Angel Ravi


Year 11:

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