Pastoral Care

Penola House Day

Penola House Day was a wonderful celebration of the House and we were privileged to have two local Josephite Sisters come in to share it with us, Sr Bernadette Mary Walsh and Sr Ann Morrison. The Sisters shared great stories from their childhood and the many and varied experiences they have had working throughout NSW. Sr Bernadette Mary even brought photos in and most featured her “mucking in” doing all sorts of jobs such as mowing lawns and fixing a roof while up in a cherry picker. The celebrations featured a prayerful liturgy, games and of course, the Penola cake.

Year 7 Aspiring to Achieve Parent Workshops

On Monday 5 March we welcomed parents and students from Year 7 to our Aspiring to Achieve workshops. The workshops are aimed at supporting our families to a successful transition into High School at Merici. The evening commenced with a presentation by Coastlife Adventures regarding the upcoming Year 7 Camp. This was followed by a rotation of three key sessions covering:

Ningil House Day celebrations

On Tuesday 2 May, the students and staff of Ningil House celebrated the inaugural Ningil House Feast Day. The day began with prayer and reflection in Morning PC, where the formation of the Ningil Mission in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, as well as what it means to be a member of Ningil House today, were referenced. Later in the day, the House celebrated through reciting the House prayer, singing a rousing rendition of “I’m a Ningil House Kid” and sharing cake in what proved to be a most joyous atmosphere.

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