@MericiMoment Class of 1983 40th anniversary

The Class of 1983 celebrates 40 years since their graduation this year. In 1983 the school was renamed Merici College, previously named Braddon Catholic Girls' High. The uniform was the fawn dress with maroon tie and maroon skirt or trousers and fawn blouses in winter. The Year 11 and 12 girls wore mauve shirts and were known as the 'purple shirts'. In 1977 a policy change saw the school become co-educational. A number of boys enrolled but, by the time the year commenced, the decision had been reversed. The boys who had already enrolled were permitted to remain despite this policy shift.

Class of 2003 20th Year Reunion

In celebration of the Class of 2003 20th year reunion, ex-students are invited to come along to a school tour commencing at 3pm, followed by afternoon tea in the Merici College Bridge Restaurant, 4pm-5.30pm on Saturday 14 October. Bookings close on Friday 6 October, cost $20 per person.

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