#MericiMoment Wall of Words - Caitlin Heigle, Class of 2020

The word I have chosen is SISTERHOOD.

The community at Merici is unlike anything that I have experienced at other schools. It ties together the students and creates a sisterhood that can surpass time and distance.

I am currently pursuing a Chemistry degree at the University of Massachusetts with a potential minor in English to go into Scientific Journalism.

Caitlin Heigle


We look forward to hearing more from Caitlin as her studies progress.



#MericiMoment Wall of Words - John Volpato (Class of 1983)

Though I was part of the "Boy Experiment" - when Merici went co-educational between 1977 and 1983, on this International Women's Day the word I choose is Equality.

Having strong female role models throughout my life has led me to be an advocate, ally and supporter of equality for women.

I was blessed to have met some of the strongest, fiercest and empathetic women at Merici. 

I saw first hand what women are capable of and I am constantly amazed at what they achieve.

An experience I will never forget, and a cause I will always support.



#MericiMoment Wall of Words – Lucie Macdonald (Class of 2015)

The word I have selected is UNITED.

I felt throughout my time at Merici I felt as though I was a part of something. Wether it was my Pastoral Care, house group or just being a Merici student, I felt proud of my uniform. I felt as though I belonged somewhere, had purpose and was looked after. Often things I lacked in my personal life. Merici gave me pride and strength and fundamental values I could not learn anywhere else.

#MericiMoment Wall of Words – Samantha Bruce (Class of 2011)

At Merici, the motto 'Dare to Dream' really stuck with me. It pushed me to dream big and pursue those dreams. Merici was where I discovered my passion for creative media/tv/film (a heavily male-dominated industry). Looking back on those media classes when I was 17/18years old, I wouldn't have guessed that I would become one of the youngest Television Directors for one of the major networks in the country.

#MericiMoment Wall of Words – Sarah Ball (Class of 2013)

The word I have selected is GROWTH.

This word resonates most with my experiences at Merici because they helped shape me from the child I was when I was in primary school to the woman I became when I chose my degree and path in life to pursue. My experiences in Year 10, 11 and 12 in particular were pivotal in getting me ready for life outside school, including the friendships I built and still hold to this day."

#MericiMoment Wall of Words – Jessica Lean (Class of 2008)

The word I have selected is MOMENTUS.

From the moment I left Merici, I could see how my actions and decisions were influenced by my experiences at school which showed how significant my time at Merici was - especially in having a bearing on future life events. My time at Merici and the community I was a part of shaped my life to date, and I frequently reflect on moments throughout school with a smile on my face and a feeling of nostalgia. The good old days!

#MericiMoment Wall of Words - Rosemary Sheehan (Class of 1978)

The word I have chosen is Empowerment.  The nuns and the few lay teachers we had told us we had choices in career, life pathways, our bodies, relationships. They told us we were able to make a difference in the world. The nuns were the first feminists I knew and they encouraged us to believe in ourselves as young women, and we had the right for equal treatment in society. They treated us as young women, opening our eyes to issues of the day. They encouraged us to have our own voice.

Professor Rosemary Sheehan AM

#MericiMoment Wall of Words - Anna Cronin (Class of 1978)

My word is FRIENDSHIP.

I came from the UK and arrived at Merici (Braddon Catholic HIgh School for Girls) in 1975. I was put into a class with girls a bit older than me.  I forged friendships with several girls who are still close friends of mine and I rejoice in these friendships and the education I was lucky to receive at school.  It provided a fantastic foundation for my university studies and my career, which has been fulfilling.  I look back on my days at Merici with great fondness, gratitude and pride.

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