Merici College Equestrian Team

We would like to congratulate the Merici College Equestrian Team who recently competed at the ACT State Equestrian Interschool Championships competition held in Bungendore. The team comprising of Equestrian Team Captain Emily Andres (Year 10), Matilda Coffee (Year 8), Lexie Young (Year 7), Brooke Ellis (Year 7) and Caryss Evans (Year 7) all rode fantastic individual events.

Sports Awards 2018

The annual Merici College Sports Awards presentation night was held on Thursday 1 November. Throughout 2018 many of our students have taken up sporting opportunities offered at Merici.  Merici competes in up to 50 interschool events throughout the year with students displaying their talents in several of these of sports. We also have several co-curricular sporting teams, Netball, Basketball, Volleyball, AFL, Hockey, Futsal and Snow Sports that compete in ACT and NSW weekend competitions.

Merici College Strategic Plan 2019-2021

STRATEGIC PLAN 2019 - 2021
Following from the successful implementation of the Merici College Strategic Plan 2016-2018, a new assessment of future needs and objectives is required to ensure a continued commitment to providing a positive and nurturing learning environment that supports our school’s mission and vision for the future.
Mission Statement - Merici challenges you to love life, have hope, be faithful and build futures more wondrous than you dare to dream.”

Antigone Performance

The performance of Antigone on Tuesday 30 October was such a wonderful successful. The girls showed dedication and commitment to the process of developing a theatre performance collaboratively. They rose to the challenge and faced many obstacles along the way.

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