Merici College Green Tip #2- Where Does Your Water Come From?

When you turn on the tap, do you consider where your water comes from? Or goes to afterwards?

Prior to arriving at your tap, water goes through many stages. 

First it is collected through river catchments and makes its way to our dams, which store water before it is transferred to one of our two water treatment plants. 

Merici College Green Tip #27 - An alternative to chlorine bleach?

A focus on water quality necessitates consideration of cleaning products.  Chlorine bleach is a commonly used cleaning product which goes down our drains.  It is also known to have health and environmental impacts. 

If you have concerns about the health and environmental impacts of chlorine bleach, follow this link for an alternative and further information.

Dance Troupe performance at St Andrew's Aged Care

Our Dance Troupe performed an hour long concert for the residents at St. Andrews Village in Hughes on Saturday, 31 August. The girls were absolutely fantastic and we have already been asked back to perform again nearer Christmas! The residents were clapping and tapping their feet and were very appreciative.

We would like to thank our dancers for their ongoing commitment to entertaining our community and attending community events.


Merici College Green Tip #25 - No Water, No Life!

Just a quick tip this week to remind us all of how important water is in our daily lives. 

According to Cool Australia most fresh water is used in farming and agriculture. Only 5% of all water is fresh water and more than 70% of this is frozen (mostly as ice in Antarctica). That leaves us with only 1% of all the water on our Earth to use to grow crops, raise animals, cool coal fired power plants, power industry and use at home, work and school.

Merici College Green Tip #22 - Can you plant a tree too?

Friday 26th July was National Tree Day!

National Tree Day is a call to action for all Australians to put their hands in the earth and give back to their community.

This year’s Tree Report, entitled Living Cities: Trees in the Urban Environment digs deep into the science on trees and the countless benefits they provide in our urban environment:

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