Life at Merici College

Established in 1959, Merici College educates young women from Years 7-12.

Merici is a vibrant, welcoming and energetic community with a rich tradition of pastoral care and a stimulating curriculum designed to meet the individual needs of each student.

Merici actively fosters the development of the gifts and talents of each student whilst promoting active participation within our community. We encourage leadership and challenge students to reach out to the wider community in a spirit of compassion and solidarity.

Merici College Green Tip #4 - Reduce waste and increase garden productivity!

This is great! You can use your eggs shells to make little seed starter pots!

To make your own seed starting pots from eggshells, fill each half with good potting soil and set them in an egg carton. Plant seeds in these DIY "pots" and care for them as you would any other seed. When the seedlings are big enough to go out in the garden, simply give the shell a little squeeze. This cracks the eggshell and allows the seedlings to send roots out through the eggshells and into the garden more easily!

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