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Merici College Green Tip #20 - Merici Awarded 5-Star Accreditation

Last week Merici College was awarded by the ACT government through the Actsmart Schools Program with 5-star accreditation.

​This means that we have achieved accreditation in the areas of waste, energy, water, biodiversity, and links to the curriculum.

Merici is the first high school or Year 7-12 school in the ACT to earn this honour.

Merici is also the current ACT Sustainable School of the Year.

Vinnies and OzHarvest Can Line

Here are the results for this years can line! The girls did great and went out of their way to enthusiastically get involved and provide for those struggling to put food on the table. We are very proud of the amount of donations we’ve made!

Penola 876

Brescia 789

Balgo 518

Ningil 451

Tullow 396

Seiwa 311

Total Cans 3341



Merici College students and staff brave the cold for the homeless

Canberra’s cold temperatures set in for Merici College Year 10, 11 and 12 students and teachers who rose to the challenge on Thursday 18 June for the annual Vinnies Sleepout.

The group slept outdoors in the New Quad to raise funds for Canberra’s homeless. With the temperature a low -1 degrees, students and teachers prepared themselves for a cold night. The aim of the night was to promote awareness within our Merici community of the issue of homelessness and to experience a small part of the reality of homelessness.

Appropriation in Isolation Creative and Performing Arts Competition Winners

Congratulations to the following students who have been awarded prizes for their entries in our Appropriation in Isolation Creative and Performing Arts Competition.

Group Performance: Hannah David-Hoole, Merryn Culhane, Lindsay Holmes

Music Performance: Saanvi Bajaj, Hannah David-Hoole

Visual Arts: Jessica Kalthofen (High Commendation), Lindsay Holmes (High Commendation), Madeline Ween, Abigail Van Ballegooyen, Guntas Sidhu, Amy Redmond, Anna Mels, Giana Fuertez, Hycenth Meani

Why Merici for College?

Why Merici for College? Merici College provides many opportunities to our senior students. With our guidance and support we are committed to assisting Year 11 and Year 12 students to successfully complete courses that inspire and challenge them and hold them in an excellent position for the future.

Parent Perspectives

Student Perspectives

Attached below is the Year 11 2021 Presentation.

Happy Tullow House Day!

Today we celebrate Tullow House Day! We have been chatting with the students of Tullow House during online Pastoral Care. Many of the girls dressed in our House colour, green. We participated in a quiz testing their knowledge of the history of Tullow House and the staff members within the House. The girls had great fun in their scavenger hunt, retrieving green objects from around their home and garden. Some of the girls found balloons, green feathered boa, cuddly toys, vegetables, herbs, the list goes on. Many of the girls made ‘green’ cakes and desserts to share with their families!

Our Academic Journey Continues

Merici College has always put our girls at the heart of everything we do. Over the past 8 years we have undertaken a school-wide plan to increase academic and practical outcomes for all our students, increase engagement in STEM subjects, encourage co-curricular participation and more. Find out more about our academic journey at

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