Cultural immersion in the Lombadina-Djarindjin community

Merici Senior students and staff members prepare for their Immersion experience.

At our recent Narragunnawali Assembly, the school community commissioned the Lombadina Immersion Program participants. The Immersion will take place from 23 September until 2 October. Senior students Hannah Mason, Lauren Hawkins, Alexandra Moylan, Eva Knight, Julia Page, Genevieve Sandeman, accompanied by staff Ms Connellan and Mr Chifley, as well as two Catholic Mission Australia representatives, will participate in a cultural immersion in the Lomadina-Djarindjin community, North-East of Broome organized by Catholic Mission Australia. They will spend ten days in community, assisting the catholic school in Lombadina, learning and connecting with elders, working along-side the community, and building a relationship with it’s members

“We are all going for varied reasons, but our main aim is to learn from this community, to work with and assist them, and to build a relationship with the school and the community”, said Hannah Mason, student participant.

Hannah went on to say that the students are hoping to learn new skills, understand the important history of our country on a deeper level, and develop stronger values to help our wider community and the community at home. “Outside of this, we’re all really eager to see a different side of Australia, and the natural beauty our country has to offer, as well as connect with ourselves better, as we all hope to come back better in some way”, concluded Hannah.

We wish the group a very safe and rewarding experience and look forward to hearing many wonderful stories on their return.  

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