2020 Bridge Benefit Dinner, In Her Name

On Saturday 5 September, the senior Hospitality students, prepared and presented an 8 course degustation for 68 guests, matched with wines for Eden Road Vineyard for the 2020 Bridge Benefit In Her Name fundraising dinner.

This year’s Bridge Benefit dinner was in honour of our friend Hannah, and the importance of this was felt deeply by those involved.  All proceeds will be donated to OzHarvest.

The leadership and dedication demonstrated by the Year 12’s students over the evening was even more incredible than could be imagined. Phoebe Emerson, Lauren Toole, Felicity Edmondson and Jessie Gibson, coordinated the service of over 500 beautifully plated meals, while providing gentle instruction and support to the Year 11 students, Chloe Gloyne, Bec Ferguson, Grace Moore and Sara Blakey.

Zoe Beresford, Marisca Coetzee and Jacinta Wright provided expert service in the dining room, leading Sophie Owen and Sarah Watt with both kindness and patience. Taneesha Leahy and Ainsley O’Malley ensured that drinks kept flowing along with the dishes and they didn’t have to stay until 4am washing glasses.

Our volunteers, Alex Rushton, Stella Hughes and Hayley Browne, worked tirelessly and without their help we may still be washing dishes and polishing cutlery.

Jess Kalthofen was our official photographer for the evening producing a stunning album.

Our exceptionally talented Trish Young, Hospitality teacher mentored the girls throughout the evening, enjoying the opportunity of witnessing the wonderful skills that the girls have learnt through their Hospitality course. Special thanks to Xanthe Longhurst, Hospitality Assistant for all her assistance and support.

We congratulate the following students for their outstanding efforts:

Zoe Beresford

Jacinta Wright

Ainsley O’Malley

Marisca Coetzee

Taneesah Leahy

Jessie Gibson

Felicity Edmondson

Phoebe Emerson

Lauren Toole

Chloe Gloyne

Bec Ferguson

Grace Moore

Sophie Owen

Sarah Watt

Sara Blakey

Maria-Louisa Garufi

Alex Rushton

Stella Hughes

Hayley Browne

Beth Ryan


We would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors who so very generously donated items for our raffle and silent auction Our thanks are extended to Eden Road Wines, Enotria Cool Country Wines, Little Prince Catering and Bubbles Corner.  We also thank Guillermo Moreno Torres and Celine Raisseau from Eden Wines for their support and presenting a selection of wine for the evening.

We congratulate our raffle and silent auction winners and hope that you enjoy the many wonderful items in your hampers.

Thank you to all our guests and school community who supported this event with over $6,400 which will be donated to OzHarvest.


For Hannah...

I still search for you in the crowds,

in empty fields and soaring clouds.

In city lights and passing cars,

on winding roads and wishing stars.


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