2019 Expressive Arts Showcase

Student and Staff collaboration as our newest band debuts at the Showcase!

Our 2019 Showcase is a celebration of the artistic gifts and talents of all our students. The subjects highlighted in the exhibition are Dance, Photography, Visual Arts, Media, Music, Vocal and Drama. The ‘Arts’ consists of visual and performing arts and the students presented a very professional and entertaining program. The Merici College Dance Troupe performed wonderful routines that showcase their diversity. The Vocal Group were outstanding as they performed vocal pieces. And the talents of our bands and ensembles has been outstanding this year. We also enjoyed the debut performance of our student/staff band! Throughout the week, the exhibition is open and has on display our students beautiful art and photographic work. We would like to thank all the staff involved in making this exhibition a success. In particular Laura Pearce, Expressive Arts Coordinator and her team of teachers: Liz Igoe-Taylor, Jennifer Wright, Trish Young, Virginia McLeod and Clare Freeman, Matt Reynolds, Beth Way, Music tutors and students.We would also like to thank Tess Carlton, 2019 Expressive Arts Captain, for her amazing contribution to her role and to the music program throughout the year! Sincere thanks and gratitude to our students for their wonderful contribution to our Arts program this year. The Showcase not only demonstrates their developing and emerging artistic talents, but also provide them with the opportunity to perform for an audience or to have their work displayed for all to appreciate.


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