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We take this opportunity to recognise the successes, strength, resilience and passion exhibited by our young women in...
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In a morning rich with symbols I want to focus on what green represents: it is the colour of life, renewal, nature,...
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Congratulations to all our Year 12 students for their excellent academic results..
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The word I have chosen is LEADERSHIP.
6 months 2 weeks ago
Minh Huynh
I have fond memories of the time I spent at Merici College.
1 year 1 month ago
Tracy Keeley
Tracy grew up in Canberra and is a proud graduate of Merici College in 1982.
1 year 1 month ago

The Principal and Staff of Merici College request the pleasure of your company to attend the Year 12 Formal on Friday 2...

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End of Year Academic Dates Senior BSSS Students

Please click...

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We look forward to meeting you and your family in the future. Please stay connected and register your interest for enrolment...

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Gabrielle Shoebridge - Merici College All Rounder Award (presented to Mrs Shoebridge on behalf of Gabrielle)
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Congratulations and best wishes to our Class of 2022.#mericipride
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Something to think about in the context of sustainability...
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Merici College #empoweringindependence

In every girl

We see world-changing power.

A force so unstoppable that no obstacle could ever tower

Strength from within that begins with a realisation Where belief, worth, love and discovery awaken.

To have dreams, find her voice, speak her mind, make a choice Control her own destiny, be the best version of herself she can be

The greatest gift she could ever give to herself is liberty.

That is true power; self-power, her power, girl power

Merici College Green Tip #22 - Another Plastic Free July tip!

In support of Plastic Free July and for every other month, another easy way to reduce your demand for plastic waste (see image).

​This is already happening at Merici where you can buy your beverages from the Canteen in reusable crockery or bring your own cup.

Please consider not bringing off-site disposable, single use cups to campus. 


Felicity Maher

Sustainability Officer

2022 DonateLife Week Launch

The Merici College community would like to thank Canberra Health Services for the privilege of hosting the official launch of DonateLife Week. We would like to thank all our guests for attending. Special thanks to our guest speakers:

Rachel Stephen-Smith, Minister for Health

Dr Sean Chan, State Medical Director, DonateLife ACT

Lucinda Barry, CEO, Organ and Tissue Authority

Julie Voutos, Clinical Nurse Consultant, Renal Outpatients, Canberra Health Services

Joshua Lindenthaler, Heart Transplant Recipient


Donatelife Week 2022 Launch

The Great Registration Race for DonateLife Week is now on! Looking forward to the official launch tomorrow, Monday 25 July 10.30am, at Merici College and welcoming guest speakers Minister for Health, Rachel Stephen-Smith, MLA, Dr Sean Chan, State Medical Director DonateLife ACT, Lucinda Barry, CEO, Organ and Tissue Authority, Julie Voutos, Clinical Nurse Consultant - Renal Outpatients, Canberra Health Services and Joshua Lindenthaler, Heart Transplant Recipient.

CASE Oceans Junior Program - Last Days!

Our CASE Oceans Program group are enjoying their last few days in Queensland. Over the last two days they visited Rainforestation Nature Park, where they fed and patted kangaroos and wallabies, painted and threw boomerangs, and took part in the Pamagirri Aboriginial experience where they learnt about the local peoples and also got to do some dancing! Back at the hotel, the students presented their experience at OceanSschool and officially graduated! Today they will be spending the morning in Cairns before making there way back to Canberra! Have a safe trip home everyone!

CASE Junior Oceans Program Update - Daintree Rainforest

An update from our CASE Oceans program group, sharing some great photos of their visit to Daintree Rainforest. The group darted off looking for crocodiles in the Daintree river, seeing seven - one male, two female adults and three babies! They also went to the Daintree Discovery Centre to learn about the local flora and fauna. After lunch, the group was treated to locally made ice cream, before some shopping and dinner in Port Douglas. #acturaaustralia #oceansprogram #empoweringindependence #mericipride