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Upcoming events and news at Merici College.
1 day 6 hours ago
We congratulate our elected College Captains, Specialist Captains, House Captains and Vice Captains on their...
2 days 6 hours ago
Today nine students from Years 9-11 participated in a pilot outreach activity from the ANU’s College of Engineering and...
3 days 3 hours ago
We have learnt to much this year about resilience, faithfulness, compassion and our ability to support each other as a...
1 week 3 hours ago
The senior Hospitality students, prepared and presented an 8 course degustation for 68 guests, matched with wines for...
1 week 4 days ago
We wish all the father figures in the lives of our students and wider community a lovely day this Sunday.
2 weeks 7 hours ago

Mission Month - Catholic Mission Socktober

During Week 1, Term 4, Merici College students are invited...

1 day 4 hours ago

Many women in Australia have little access to sanitary items due to homelessness or poverty.... 

Members of our Merici...

1 day 4 hours ago

The SAM (Sustainability at Merici) team is running a House competition next term.  The aim is to collect as many beauty...

1 day 6 hours ago
Our #MericiMoment today takes a look back at our Year 10 Socials held in recent years. Today our Year 10s will attend...
5 hours 55 min ago
House Competition! Collect as many beauty product packaging for House points!
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Merici College Green Tip #12 - A thought for the bees....

Bees are critical in the supply of our food and do it all for free. Hence World Bee Day.....

The main purpose of World Bee Day events is to spread awareness of the significance of bees and other pollinators for our survival. Simply proclaiming World Bee Day does not do much for bees and other pollinators; the main work of safeguarding their existence still needs to be undertaken. World Bee Day is an excellent opportunity to put bees at the centre of the national conversation for a day and encourage actions that create more bee-friendly landscapes.

Merici College Green Tip #12 - Sustainability measures in action at Merici

Here at Merici we look for efficient, sustainability promoting opportunities where possible.

Recently the installation of solar film (NS-18) on all windows in all six Tullow classrooms was completed.   

This will improve thermal comfort for staff and students in those rooms by a significant factor – especially in the warmer months.

The window tint was originally planned for the Brescia and Penola classrooms, however new double glazed windows were chosen instead to improve sound insulation due to traffic noise from Limestone Ave.

Merici Mother's Day 2020


Each year on Mother’s Day we gather together to celebrate the mothers in our lives with a morning prayer reflection followed by a beautiful breakfast. This year is different and we have some very special messages from students and staff at Merici College to the amazing people who are the mothers in their lives. 

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers, you are amazing to manage everything so well especially in these extraordinary circumstances!

Merici College Green Tip #11 - Your soft plastic waste can become something useful!

Do you know that you can recycle your plastic packaging through REDcycle with collection points at most Coles stores?

RED Group is a Melbourne-based consulting and recycling organisation which has developed and implemented the REDcycle Program; a recovery initiative for post-consumer soft plastic.

Merici College Information Session Thursday 7 May

Our students aspire to take up their place as young women in our society, who reach out to others and are a powerful voice for those less fortunate. Our College vision statement is Love life, have hope, be faithful and build futures more wondrous than you dare to dream. We challenge students to pave the way for future generations of women - we call it "standing on the shoulders".

Learn more at our Information Session tomorrow 12.30pm and 5.30pm (via Zoom). Register at info@merici.act.edu.au

IB Learner Profile and Remote Learning

Across the IB programmes at Merici College, the MYP and the DP aim to foster a set of distinct attributes which inspire students to be active, compassionate, life long learners. These qualities aren’t left at the door of the classroom, rather they shape all aspects of student life. Made up of ten aspirational qualities of the learner, the Learner Profile motivates teachers, schools and students to be more internationally minded.

Green Tip #10 - Take a break and scrub up!

Welcome back to Term 2.

In the midst of a pandemic and with climate change in the background, sometimes our minds need a break.

For something fun to do while at home that only needs ingredients that you probably have on hand, how about a home-made face scrub?

Click here, https://helloglow.co/homemade-face-scrubs/

Not only is it good for your skin, it reduces packaging, there are no plastics and microbeads, no fragrances, no parabens or other questionable ingredients.