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Merici College’s 2019 Swimming Carnival saw students compete in traditional stroke and novelty events.
13 hours 54 min ago
We would like to thank the organisers of the Multicultural Festival for the wonderful opportunity to perform for the...
14 hours 57 min ago
The workshops are aimed at supporting our families to a successful transition into High School at Merici.
4 days 18 hours ago
Find out what's happening in the Mathematics Department this Semester...
5 days 15 hours ago
As students at Merici you are called to: Be compassionate and faithfilled young women who reach out to others and are a...
6 days 14 hours ago
It was an exciting and inspiring experience!
1 week 12 hours ago

Come and spend an hour with us to find out how the IB trial MYP has changed our approach to assessment at Merici. This session...

3 days 13 hours ago

For all families interested in learning more about Merici College. The Talk and Tour will consist of a brief introduction to...

1 week 3 days ago

What is unique about Merici College? EVERY CHILD IS KNOWN!

Come and experience the unique Merici College vibe centred...

1 week 3 days ago
Over the past 60 years at least 10,000 students have been educated at Merici College or what was once known as Canberra...
6 days 13 hours ago
2 months 1 week ago
Here at Merici we will be focused on reducing our energy use this term as well as managing our waste.
5 days 12 hours ago

An Update on our IB Journey

Diploma Programme (DP)

September was a key month in our journey towards the International Baccalaureate DP authorisation. We had our IB Consultant from New Zealand visit to check our progress toward compliance with IB standards and processes.

Merici College Strategic Plan 2019-2021

STRATEGIC PLAN 2019 - 2021
Following from the successful implementation of the Merici College Strategic Plan 2016-2018, a new assessment of future needs and objectives is required to ensure a continued commitment to providing a positive and nurturing learning environment that supports our school’s mission and vision for the future.
Mission Statement - Merici challenges you to love life, have hope, be faithful and build futures more wondrous than you dare to dream.”

Antigone Performance

The performance of Antigone on Tuesday 30 October was such a wonderful successful. The girls showed dedication and commitment to the process of developing a theatre performance collaboratively. They rose to the challenge and faced many obstacles along the way.

Principal's Fortnightly Blog - World Teachers' Day

Friday 26 October celebrates World Teachers’ Day in Australia. Interestingly it is celebrated on 5 October in the northern hemisphere, but as the dates always fall into school stand down period, we celebrate it on the last Friday of October each year. The day was established by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in 1994 to recognise the role of teachers in society.

FundRaise for Merici Artworks

As part of our Strategic Plan, Merici is committed to beautifying our school grounds and investing in artworks that celebrate the history and traditions of our Founders. Our 60th Anniversary in 2019 provides the College with the opportunity to fulfil this Strategic Plan goal and we would greatly appreciate support from our community, current, past and prospective families, to contribute towards the payment of a wooden-carved statue of St Angela Merici, as well as the installation of other artworks.