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5 days 5 hours ago
We are constantly impressed by the innovative, individual and powerful talent of the media makers, artists, designers,...
6 days 1 hour ago
Congratulations to Georgia Tonkin, Year 12, who has been selected as part of the national team competing in the...
1 week 7 hours ago
The word I have chosen is LEADERSHIP.
1 month 1 week ago
Minh Huynh
I have fond memories of the time I spent at Merici College.
8 months 2 weeks ago
Tracy Keeley
Tracy grew up in Canberra and is a proud graduate of Merici College in 1982.
8 months 2 weeks ago

As Year 12 come to the end of their journey at Merici College, they are required to attend their annual Year 12 Retreat. It is...

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Key Dates

Term 2 ends (Friday 1 July)

Term 3 begins for Staff (Designated PD Day, Monday 18...

5 days 4 hours ago

Year 10 Transitions Forum (Monday 27 July – Friday 1 July)

The Transitions Forum is an important week...

1 week 6 hours ago
Congratulations to all our Showcase participants on their exceptional work throughout Semester 1.
6 days 1 hour ago
The whole experience brought our community closer and confirmed our connection of heart and mind.
1 month 4 days ago
Congratulations to all students for making it through a tricky term of high workloads, competing deadlines for...
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#MericiMoment Wall of Words - John Volpato (Class of 1983)

Though I was part of the "Boy Experiment" - when Merici went co-educational between 1977 and 1983, on this International Women's Day the word I choose is Equality.

Having strong female role models throughout my life has led me to be an advocate, ally and supporter of equality for women.

I was blessed to have met some of the strongest, fiercest and empathetic women at Merici. 

I saw first hand what women are capable of and I am constantly amazed at what they achieve.

An experience I will never forget, and a cause I will always support.



Merici College Green Tip #6 - International Women's Day

Today is International Women’s Day.The 2022 theme is:“Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”recognising the contribution of women and girls who are leading the charge on climate change adaptation, mitigation, and response, to build a more sustainable future for all.


I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank the students and staff here at Merici, particularly the SAM's (Sustainability at Merici), as well as the Sustainability Captains, past and present, for their contribution. 





#MericiMoment Wall of Words – Lucie Macdonald (Class of 2015)

The word I have selected is UNITED.

I felt throughout my time at Merici I felt as though I was a part of something. Wether it was my Pastoral Care, house group or just being a Merici student, I felt proud of my uniform. I felt as though I belonged somewhere, had purpose and was looked after. Often things I lacked in my personal life. Merici gave me pride and strength and fundamental values I could not learn anywhere else.

Green Tip #5 - It is Clean Up Australia Day this Sunday, March 6th

Sunday, March 6th is Clean Up Australia Day. 

Litter is a problem for wildlife and human health, water quality, soil quality, oceans...everything really. 

Not only is it unappealing to look at, it can also affect the environment for many years. This is turn affects us.

We have all seen images of wildlife trapped in six-pack plastic rings, or birds and turtles with plastic rings around their neck. 

So, cleaning up is important.

You can either join a Clean Up Australia Day event near you or do your own collection of rubbish in your neighbourhood.