Commissioning Ceremony 2024 College Leaders

Merici College congratulates our 2024 College Leaders who were commissioned into their new roles by all members of the College.

A special commissioning ceremony was held on Thursday 21 September where the College Captain, College Vice Captain, House Captains, House Vice Captains and Specialist Captains, were officially recognised in their leadership roles for 2024. 

Each House asked their leaders a series of questions, relating to the ethos of their House and the leaders responded by agreeing to fulfil their duties to the best of their ability. The offices of Specialist Captains (Arts, Culture, SRC, Sport, Social Justice, Spiritual, Sustainability, Narragunnawali and Transitions) were also conferred upon their incumbents.

As a symbol of the conferring of leadership, 2023 leaders presented symbols to the incoming 2024 leaders:

  • A lighted candle was presented to signify hope and the spirit of Merici College.
  • A cross which symbolised faith and God's unconditional love.
  • A heart as a symbol of love and a reminder that the community of Merici College is together as one.
  • Clapping sticks as a symbol of the harmony and unity of the rythme of our hearts.

The final blessing and commissioning of the College Captain and College Vice-Captain for 2024 concluded the ceremony in a joyous, uplifting manner.

College Captains

College Captain: Sofia White

College Vice Captain: Lily Nutt

Specialist Captains

Spirituality: Caelan Edghill

Student Representative Council: Gabrielle Shoebridge

Sport: Sean'Hope Craig

Arts: Hannah David-Hoole

Culture: Michelle Ha

Transitions: Charlotte Turner

Sustainability: Neve Larsen

Social Justice: Lily Sluis

Narragunnawali: Hannah Burr

House Captains and House Vice Captains

Balgo Captain: Ada Perks,  Balgo Vice: Lucy Curtis

Brescia Captain: Lucy Neely, Brescia Vice: Ella Hawkes

Ningil Captain : Zoe Bullock, Ningil Vice: Freya Boyd

Penola Captain: Lindsay Holmes, Penola Vice: Madeleine Helliwell

Seiwa Captain: Taylah Ross, Seiwa Vice: Millicent Kingwill

Tullow Captain: Jemma Males, Tullow Vice: Amelia Dawson

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our 2023 School Leaders for their exceptional leadership this year. We are very proud of you all and thank you for being wonderful ambassadors!


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