Merici College Masterplan unveiled

Merici College Masterplan

Please click here to find the Merici College Masterplan.

The objectives of the Masterplan are to:

  • Explore site opportunities for the school to meet the projected increased student population
  • Exploring the feasibility of alternative and or additional learning structures such as junior campus or ELC
  • Explore opportunities for the upgrade of existing and creating of new learning spaces
  • Explore landscaping opportunities to enhance the interaction with the streetscape and facilitate outdoor learning areas
  • Explore opportunities for additional income generating community facilities.

The principles of the Masterplan are to:

  • Upgrade or provide new facilities to meet current college needs
  • Improve the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Incorporate sustainable design practices
  • Improve existing building connections, accessibility and wayfinding
  • Improve pedestrian and vehicular safety
  • Improve the College’s built-form identify

The Masterplan will commence with Stage 0 this year and continue with Stage 1 planning.

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