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Today we honour and value the role of our grandparents. Grandparents are to be treasured.
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Upcoming news and events at Merici College.
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We hope our school community has a very safe and restful holiday.
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The Talk and Tour will consist of a brief introduction to the College by the Principal and a student-led tour. Register...
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Merici College has a range of scholarships available to support the talents and educational achievements of our girls.
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2020 had a significant effect within the Merici College school community due to the impact of fire, drought, hail,...
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Language Buddies Program (2021 Semester 2)

The aim of the Language Buddies Program is to provide extra...

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Year 7 Marist-Merici Respectful Relationships Day

Year 7 students have an exciting...

1 week 2 days ago

Year 7 students have an exciting opportunity to be involved in a Year 7 Marist-Merici Respectful Relationships Day (3 August...

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Thank you to our grandparents and special loved ones for joining us for our Grandparents Day.
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Canberra’s cold temperatures set in for Merici Year 10, 11 and 12 students and teachers who rose to the challenge!
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When multiplied by the number of students, then by the number of days in term, then over a year, then multiplied by the...
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2020 Annual Report to the Community

2020 had a significant effect within the Merici College school community due to the impact of fire, drought, hail, death in the community and a pandemic; however, it was also a time of great community spirit, growth and resilience.

The College remained focused to the strategic plan and aspirations:

STRONG FAITH: To build a strong and positive Catholic identity, where faith is nurtured, and all are empowered to serve others.

POWERFUL LEARNING: An educational environment that inspires life-long learning, enabling everyone to achieve individual excellence.

Merici College Green Tip #19 - Just a bowl of rice?

According to University of Queensland research, people are consuming 3-4 milligrams of plastic for every 100 grams of rice they eat, with the number jumping to 13 milligrams per serve for instant rice. 

This means that Australians may consume around 1g plastic per person via rice annually.

How has this happened?

Packaging is one source of contamination, however the processing of the rice before it gets put into a bag or during growing are also sources of contamination. 

What can you do?

Registration for Merici College Alumni Online Directory now open!

We invite Merici Alumni ex-students and ex-staff to register to be included in our Alumni Directory.


Ø Reconnect with past friends

Ø Provide career advice to current students

Ø Pursue work experience opportunities for current students

Ø Share your life experiences since graduation at special events such as Academic Award ceremonies

Ø Receive information about reunions and school tours


The directory will be placed on the Merici College website and posted through social media platforms.


Years 7/8 School's Parlimentary Debate, ACT Legislative Assembly

Today, at the ACT Legislative Assembly, four Year 7-8 Merici students participated in the School’s Parliamentary debate.

The students got the opportunity to conduct these debates in the main chamber of the Legislative Assembly and the event was moderated by the Speaker of the House.

Six schools participated in the debate this morning, representing schools from Catholic Education, the public and independent sectors. There were three questions up for debate, with schools arguing for and against.

Merici successfully argued that the ACT flag should not be changed.

2021 Creative and Performing Arts Showcase

Henry Matisse said "Creativity takes courage". This year at our Showcase, we see the hard evidence that we have courageously creative students at Merici College. Aren't we privileged to bear witness to this fact this year! I am constantly impressed by the innovative, individual and powerful talent of the media makers, artists, designers, actors, dancers, dramatists, photographers, graphic artists, instrumentalists and vocalists here at Merici.