Merici College Green Tip #1 - A Family Guide to Waste-Free Living

During Term 1 at Merici we focus on reducing waste and hope that this translates into action here at school, at home and wherever you may go.

I was recently introduced to a lovely and inspiring book, A Family Guide to Waste-Free Living, which can assist us all to do better with reducing our waste. It is about a family of five living near Hobart who have produced no waste or recycling since 2015. They remind us that even through recycling, we are using energy and resources. 

Costa Georgiadis provides the foreword and states that:

"This book provides the ingredients to create a new normal.  It's all about a personal, family project to do and share together. To grow in ways that you didn't realise you could grow or flex or change. Real change is felt; it is believed."

With an average family producing enough waste to fill a three bedroom house each year, real change is desperately needed.

This 8.44 minute video offers inspiration and suggestions on making a conscious decision to avoid waste.

Tips for Zero Waste Living - How a Family of 5 Makes Almost No Waste! | Life With Less Waste

To celebrate Plastic Free July we're bringing you the inspiring story of a zero waste/waste free family in Hobart, Australia. Lauren, Oberon, and their kids ...

Together, let's make 2021 another year of improved sustainability performance here at Merici and beyond. 

Felicity Maher
Sustainability Officer


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