Inspiring Dusted Off Performance

Today our Year 10 students were treated to a wonderful performance by Brett Hunt, a one-man show called Dusted Off. Dusted Off is the story of youth seeking adventure and of the traumatic reality of war, for those who fight and for those who support them. Accomplished actor and guitarist Brett Hunt shared his family’s story about the Vietnam War.

Our students were highly engaged with the performance and valued learning more about the war and Brett's family experiences during the war and after. Thank you Brett for your inspiring and unique performance!


Year 9 Pilot Outreach activity from the ANU’s College of Engineering and Computer Science

Today nine students from Years 9-11 participated in a pilot outreach activity from the ANU’s College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS).  Delivered virtually, but with the help of an on-site facilitator from the ANU, the students heard a keynote speech from Associate Professor Katia Bazaka and then took part in two hands-on workshops. 

Merici College Green Tip #19 - Plastic Waste at Merici

Using an online calculator, the students in Ms Heydenrych's Year 9 Science class worked out that they each generate an average of 7.29kgs of plastic waste per year at school (just from food products).

They then worked out how much this would be if extended to include all the students and staff. i.e approx 800.

This works out to 5.8 tonnes per year of plastic on Merici's campus and doesn't include large items, clothing etc.

The students concluded that our plastic use is the challenge of our lifetimes. 

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