Why Merici for College?

Why Merici for College? Merici College provides many opportunities to our senior students. With our guidance and support we are committed to assisting Year 11 and Year 12 students to successfully complete courses that inspire and challenge them and hold them in an excellent position for the future.

Parent Perspectives

Student Perspectives

Attached below is the Year 11 2021 Presentation.

Merici College Information Session Thursday 7 May

Our students aspire to take up their place as young women in our society, who reach out to others and are a powerful voice for those less fortunate. Our College vision statement is Love life, have hope, be faithful and build futures more wondrous than you dare to dream. We challenge students to pave the way for future generations of women - we call it "standing on the shoulders".

Learn more at our Information Session tomorrow 12.30pm and 5.30pm (via Zoom). Register at

IB Learner Profile and Remote Learning

Across the IB programmes at Merici College, the MYP and the DP aim to foster a set of distinct attributes which inspire students to be active, compassionate, life long learners. These qualities aren’t left at the door of the classroom, rather they shape all aspects of student life. Made up of ten aspirational qualities of the learner, the Learner Profile motivates teachers, schools and students to be more internationally minded.

Remote Learning Timetables for Term 2

Please see the below attached PDF to find the new timetables that will start at the beginning of Term 2.


Our focus is on continuity of learning (not assessments, although there will still be assessments). 


Our priority is on creating a sense of belonging and community even though we may be apart, hence Pastoral Care still plays a very important part in our daily routine.


What's a Concept in the IB MYP Framework?

In the MYP framework, concepts represent the big ideas which form the heart of a connected curriculum. Known as KEY CONCEPTS these ideas are shared across subjects with the aim of unifying the student’s academic experience. Students are invited to see connections and alternative perspectives, as different subjects may refer to the same key concept, however, with different learning experiences students will experience new ways of thinking. Concepts are not just single words but rather complex ideas that shape the student experience (Barnard, 2016). 

Our Academic Journey Continues

Merici College has always put our girls at the heart of everything we do. Over the past 8 years we have undertaken a school-wide plan to increase academic and practical outcomes for all our students, increase engagement in STEM subjects, encourage co-curricular participation and more. Find out more about our academic journey at

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