What's a Concept in the IB MYP Framework?

In the MYP framework, concepts represent the big ideas which form the heart of a connected curriculum. Known as KEY CONCEPTS these ideas are shared across subjects with the aim of unifying the student’s academic experience. Students are invited to see connections and alternative perspectives, as different subjects may refer to the same key concept, however, with different learning experiences students will experience new ways of thinking. Concepts are not just single words but rather complex ideas that shape the student experience (Barnard, 2016). 

Our Academic Journey Continues

Merici College has always put our girls at the heart of everything we do. Over the past 8 years we have undertaken a school-wide plan to increase academic and practical outcomes for all our students, increase engagement in STEM subjects, encourage co-curricular participation and more. Find out more about our academic journey at

Pi Day at Merici

On 14 March the world celebrated Pi Day. This is a celebration of everything beautiful about Mathematics. Students have marked this event by participating in a relay and other group activities, highlighting the importance of team work and persistency in Mathematics.  

What is an IB Education?

What is an IB Education?

Merici College is an IB World school, authorised to deliver the IB Diploma and candidate school* for the Middle Years Programme (MYP). We are continuing our implementation of the MYP with Years 7 to 9, but what makes an IB education different?

Click here to see what some of our Year 8 students have to say about what an IB education means to them:

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