Merici College Green Tip #28 - Water at Merici

Sustainabilty at Merici!

This week’s Green Tip has been written by two students, Imogen and Jemma.

Recently we had a tour of the school grounds to look at water management on campus.

At Merici we have adopted a range of strategies that help us save water.

Some of the things that we do at Merici include:

  • Drought tolerant grass on the oval
  • We have water efficient taps in the bathrooms
  • We have dual flush toilets
  • We use bore water

But what can you do at home to save water?

  • You can get your parents to use drought tolerant grass
  • Install low-flow taps or aerators to reduce tap-water use
  • Get showerheads that flow between 6L/min and 9L/min
  • Take shorter showers
  • And remember to turn the tap off when brushing your teeth

It's important to consider your water usage - using water efficiently helps preserve our environment, saves money and ensures that future generations have access to clean water!    

By Imogen and Jemma


Felicity Maher 
Sustainability Officer 

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