Year 11

Year 11 Conference

Each year we hold a Year 11 Conference to support our new senior students transition into Year 11.

The Conference is designed to create enthusiasm and energy around the learning and development your daughter will experience over the next two years and to ensure she understands academic requirements. It is also an opportunity for her to understand and reflect upon their academic and leadership responsibilities.

2024 School Term Dates

Term 1

Commences: Wednesday 31 January (Years 7, 11, 12, new students), Thursday 1 February (Years 8, 9, 10)

Ends: Thursday 11 April

Term 2

Commences: Tuesday 30 April

Ends: Friday 5 July

Term 3

Commences: Tuesday 23 July

Ends: Friday 27 September

Term 4

Commences: Tuesday 15 October

Ends: Friday 6 December

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