Year 12 2022 Award Recipients

Freya Spring, 2022 DUX

We would like to congratulate all Year 12 students on their outstanding academic achievements.

On Tuesday 29 November, our community congratulated the following students who received special awards.

Freya Spring - Merici College 2022 DUX

Colette Paterson - Merici College 2022 Proxime Accessit

Serena Cremen Farrington - ANU Psychology Award

Freya Spring - Australian Mathematics Trust Award

Erin Gately - Australian Institute of Physics

Georgia Tonkin - ADFA Future Innovators Award

Jessica Morris - Long Tan Leadership Award

Laura Harris - Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award


Mariah Brody - Award of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

Chloe Kelly - Award for Vocational Studies

Alyssia Borgia - Award for Community Services

Colette Paterson - Award of Academic Excellence

Award for Academic Achievement - to be advised at the BSSS Recognition of Excellence Ceremony on Friday 9 December.

We would also like to acknowledged recipients of the Christian Service Learning Program Angel Awards.

Blue Angel Award:

Isabelle Bauer, Iona Bayliss, Sara Celestino, Tasma-Jean Derham, Meagan Leahy, Amber Stedman, Kunisha Singh

Red Angel Award:

Maria Baledrokadroka, Matilda Coffee, Paige Douglass, Maddison Hall, Tallara Howard, Amber Stedman, Leah Thewlis, Sally Williams, Tiana Wright

Gold Angel Award:

Niamh Ahern, Maria Baledrokadroka, Matilda Coffee, Serena Cremen Farrington, Tallara Howard, Elizabeth Ryan, Autumn Starbird, Amber Stedman, Sally Williams, Tiana Wright

St Angela Merici Awards - The St Angela Merici Award is the pinnacle of the Christian Service Learning Program at Merici. It requires the girls to contribute at least 150 hours of service within the College or their local communities. In addition, they are required to achieve at least 150 points across three out of four categories across the school. The four categories are: cultural, academic, sport and co-curricular. Congratulations to:

Niamh Blake

Alyssia Borgia

Serena Cremen Farrington

Charlotte Green

Colette Paterson

Georgia Tonkin

Elizabeth Ween

Congratulations to all our students!


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