Merici College #empoweringindependence

In every girl

We see world-changing power.

A force so unstoppable that no obstacle could ever tower

Strength from within that begins with a realisation Where belief, worth, love and discovery awaken.

To have dreams, find her voice, speak her mind, make a choice Control her own destiny, be the best version of herself she can be

The greatest gift she could ever give to herself is liberty.

That is true power; self-power, her power, girl power

Power that opens doors to connect, explore and soar

reaching heights of greatness never imagined before.

That’s why we’re here, to help her see what we see

To listen, guide, and care. To support, challenge and cheer Through faith that bonds us in a community that connects us.

Because transforming her world today changes ours forever.


Empowering Independence


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