Merici College 2023 Scholarships Years 11 and 12 announced

Year 11 and 12 Scholarships


Full Board Scholarships. These scholarships cover full tuition as the students have displayed outstanding academic achievement and community involvement in Years 7-10. The Full Board Scholarship cover these students' school and general fees for 2023/2024.

Gabrielle Shoebridge (Seiwa)

Sofia White (Penola)

Partial Board Scholarships. These scholarships cover part tuition across the College years. These are awarded to students who show high achievement and dedication to studies throughout Years 9-10.

Caelan Edghill (Brescia)

Natasha Searle (Brescia)

Lily Nutt (Seiwa)

Healey Yong (Ningil)

Kath Pentony Scholarship is awarded to a student for outstanding achievement in Mathematics during Years 9-10.

Hannah David-Hoole (Ningil)

Melissa Van Poppel Scholarship is for commitment to Science and/or participation in the Duke of Edinburgh'S Award Scheme during Years 9-10.

Subavee Kekulandara (Seiwa)

St Ursula Scholarship for students who show commitment to the study of either Languages and/or the Arts.

Michelle Ha (Penola)

VET Scholarship is awarded to a student in Year 11 who has shown outstanding performance and commitment in the area of vocational training and education.

Lexie Young (Ningil)

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