2022 Creative and Performing Arts Showcase

Our sincee thanks to our creative young women. We are so proud of you. You have followed your interests and passions. Stay courageous in all you do.

Henry Matisse said “Creativity takes courage". It is evident from our Showcase that we have courageously creative students at Merici College. We are privileged to bear witness to this fact. I am constantly impressed by the innovative, individual and powerful talent of the media makers, artists, designers, actors, dancers, dramatists, photographers, graphic artists, instrumentalists and vocalists here at Merici.

Throughout the semester our students have shared the process of their creativity and tonight we are privileged to connect with their final (or almost final) products. Students from Years 7-12 have performed musical pieces, including ensemble and solo arrangements, as well as the Junior and Senior Dance classes, performing routines that showcase their diversity. Drama students have performed various pieces. As you entered the exhibition tonight you will have noticed the many beautiful Art, Photographic, graphics and Textiles and Design displays adorning the space.

What a range of means our students have found to express their creativity! No cookie-cutter approach to the Creative and Performing Arts at Merici College.

Congratulations to all exhibiting and performing here this evening.

I am going to take the opportunity of having a captive audience here tonight to advertise two coming productions that are on our playbill:

  • Antigone (Senior Drama driven project) Friday 5 August and Saturday 6 August
  • Little Shop of Horrors: Hosted by St Edmunds in early September.

I would also like to take some time to thank those who have helped make this Showcase possible:

  • Maintenance team: Trent Cannell and his team
  • AV support 
  • Canteen and Hospitality Teams
  • Ros Parisi for her Marketing

It goes without saying that parents and carers must be thanked for their unconditional support and encouragement of our talented students.

Of course, I want to recognize the wonderfully talented and dedicated team of professionals who work with our young women. Thank you. Einstein said that “Creativity is contagious, pass it on.” You have.

They are:

  • Ali McEwen(Coordinator of Creative and Performing Arts)
  • April Croft
  • Nicola Bartasek
  • Carly Johnson
  • Matt Reynolds
  • Virginia McLeod
  • Carly Johnson
  • Clare Freeman
  • Jason Kohlman
  • Georgie Mobbs
  • Indy Anderson

Lastly, I must thank our creative young women. I am so proud of you. You have followed your interests and passions. Stay courageous in all you do.

Anna Masters


22 Juen 2022

Full image gallery here:

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