Class of 2003 20th Year Reunion

In celebration of the Class of 2003 20th year reunion, ex-students are invited to come along to a school tour commencing at 3pm, followed by afternoon tea in the Merici College Bridge Restaurant, 4pm-5.30pm on Saturday 14 October. Bookings close on Friday 6 October, cost $20 per person.

#MericiMoment Wall of Words – Natalia Pelle, Class of 2010 (College Vice Captain)

My chosen word is SPIRIT. Merici provided me with some great foundations for my life now, the way I conduct myself and what I'm passionate about at work. When I think of my time at Merici, I think of the word 'Spirit'. I remember the letter I received in Year 6, welcoming me into the Brescia 'family', I remember House cheers and the sense of belonging and community I felt when I was at school, surrounded by teacher and people who I knew really cared about me. 

#MericiMoment Wall of Words – Alison Fleming (Class of 2007)

The word I have chosen is KINSHIP.

My chosen word is KINSHIP.  I remember an incredible level of support and bonding with the girls and teachers while at Merici College.

After graduating from Merici, I first studied a Bachelor of Science with Honours, which I used to study lions. I then went on to teaching Science for six years before now working as a veterinary nurse.

#mericialumni #empoweringindependence


#MericiMoment Wall of Words – Corinne Read (Jones) Class of 2009

#MericiMoment Wall of Words – Corinne Read (Jones) Class of 2009

The word I have chosen is Independence

It’s hard to come up with one word. I loved my time at Merici and I think many of the things I was taught at Merici helped me to become an independent person and strive to achieve my dreams and goals and to never hold myself back.

#MericiMoment Wall of Words - Caitlin Heigle, Class of 2020

The word I have chosen is SISTERHOOD.

The community at Merici is unlike anything that I have experienced at other schools. It ties together the students and creates a sisterhood that can surpass time and distance.

I am currently pursuing a Chemistry degree at the University of Massachusetts with a potential minor in English to go into Scientific Journalism.

Caitlin Heigle


We look forward to hearing more from Caitlin as her studies progress.



#MericiMoment Wall of Words - John Volpato (Class of 1983)

Though I was part of the "Boy Experiment" - when Merici went co-educational between 1977 and 1983, on this International Women's Day the word I choose is Equality.

Having strong female role models throughout my life has led me to be an advocate, ally and supporter of equality for women.

I was blessed to have met some of the strongest, fiercest and empathetic women at Merici. 

I saw first hand what women are capable of and I am constantly amazed at what they achieve.

An experience I will never forget, and a cause I will always support.



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