Merici Weekly Green Tip #18

Sustainability at Merici

Here is our green tip for the week:

Today we celebrate Threatened Species Day!

Australia has the highest rate of wildlife species extinction in the world – a worrying statistic as our urban hubs increasingly encroach on vulnerable natural environments. The good news is that places like Mulligan’s Flat Woodland Sanctuary are making a difference. At the Sanctuary in Forde, ecologists have successfully reintroduced Eastern Bettongs, Eastern Quolls, Bush-stone Curlews, New Holland Mice and Brown Treecreepers. To watch a short story on Mulligan’s Flat by ABC Canberra, take a look at

You can visit the Sanctuary for your own species-spotting adventure or join in on an evening tour – head to to see what they have on offer. There are even some special events this weekend to celebrate Threatened Species Day.


Bec DeCourcy

Sustainability Officer





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