Merici College Green Tip #4 - Reduce waste and increase garden productivity!

Sustainability of Merici

This is great! You can use your eggs shells to make little seed starter pots!

To make your own seed starting pots from eggshells, fill each half with good potting soil and set them in an egg carton. Plant seeds in these DIY "pots" and care for them as you would any other seed. When the seedlings are big enough to go out in the garden, simply give the shell a little squeeze. This cracks the eggshell and allows the seedlings to send roots out through the eggshells and into the garden more easily!

Eggshells in the Garden: 5 Ways They'll Help You Grow Food

Using egg shells to improve soil. Eggshells can add calcium to the soil. Calcium is especially appreciated by tomato plants. To get a calcium boost from the eggshells, you’ll want to run them through a blender until they’re very, very fine.Add a small scoop of finely ground eggshells directly to individual planting holes when you’re planting your garden.

This is one of many great ideas for using your eggs shells to benefit your garden.  This and many other fantastic ideas can be found in Attainable Sustainable: The Lost Art of Self-Reliant Living  which the school now has a copy

​Grow and enjoy!

Felicity Maher
Sustainability Officer


Ros Parisi
Public Relations Officer

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