Merici College Green Tip #31 - What does 2040 Producer Damon Gameau say?

Q: What does 2040 Producer Damon Gameau say?

A: We are on the precipice of peril and possibility at the same time.

Damon is referring to the climate crisis.  

In the final week of Term 3 our students joined Daramalan for a live Q&A with Damon to follow up on what has happened since he made the film 2040 which was screened to the entire Merici student body in 2019.

Damon updated us on several of the sustainability promoting solutions in the film including microgrids, 3D ocean farming and vertical ocean farming of seaweed.

The students asked thoughtful and relevant questions.

Damon left us with a hopeful sense of what is possible, but an understanding that we are facing challenges to achieving a sustainable climate, especially after the recent approval of increased gas production in Australia.  

Felicity Maher
Sustainability Officer

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