Merici College Green Tip #30 Get your pre-loved clothes ready, it's SW(OP) shop time!

Who can forget the alarming clothing waste depicted in the ABC's War on Waste. The mountain of clothing which Australian's throw out every 10 minutes weighs approximately 6000 kilograms. That's 36 000 kilograms of clothing each hour.

To contribute to the solution to this problem, please be reminded to prepare for the Sw(op) Shop in Term 4 by bringing in your exchangeable clothing items and accessories and putting them in the donations bin opposite student services. For a gold coin donation students can take the items they choose.

The environmental benefits of re-using clothing are significant. Aside from minimising the volume of discarded materials and waste being sent to landfill each year, it also reduces the need for production using new or raw materials. This means a reduction in air pollution, water pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and conservation of global resources including water. 

For more information:

The Environmental, Social and Personal benefits of Upcycling! – Upcycle Studio

Sw(op) shop will be on in Term 4.  Please put your donations together over the holidays!

Felicity Maher
Sustainability Officer


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