Counsellors Corner - School Holidays

We hope that all students and their families have a restful and rejuvenating break and look forward to seeing you in term two.

I don’t know about you, but we feel as though term one has flown by!

We hope that all students have settled into the school year and feel proud of what they have achieved this term. I think we are all starting to feel the fatigue of the term, feeling a bit drained and looking forward to a well-earned break!

Have you noticed that when you’ve got a flat battery, it can be harder to think straight or make good choices and it’s easier to overreact to the little things that go wrong? These are examples of why it’s important to take the time to slow down and take care of yourself. These school holidays, make sure you take some time to recharge your batteries so that you can feel prepared and flourish in term two. If your battery is fully charged (100 per cent) then you’re likely to be mostly feeling good, functioning well, and connecting with your friends.

Pay attention to the things that help you feel good and recharge your battery so that you can add them to your tool kit of everyday choices.

Need a few ideas?

  • Walk around the block (even if it’s raining – wrap up warm)
  • Do a 10-minute online yoga workout
  • Stand or sit in the sunshine and savour the feeling of warmth
  • Stroke a pet
  • Draw a picture of something special to you
  • Use a breathing app to help you relax
  • Count the flowers in the garden outside
  • Watch an inspiring TED talk
  • Sit outside and listen to the sounds around you
  • Phone a friend who makes you smile (phone, don’t text)
  • Start a Sudoku puzzle or crossword
  • Read your favourite book
  • Take a power nap
  • Breathe deeply
  • Watch a short video that makes you belly laugh
  • Find something from every colour of the rainbow in your house
  • Write your own prayer of thanks
  • Write a thank you letter to somebody you care about

We hope that all students and their families have a restful and rejuvenating break and look forward to seeing you in term two. For students and families who might need some additional support over the school holiday break, these sources might be of benefit.

For Students:

  • MindMap support young people to navigate Canberra’s mental health system and find mental health services, supports and resources (12pm-11pm/7 days)

For Parents:

If you or your loved one are in a life-threatening situation, please call 000 immediately.

Merici College offers School Counselling on campus throughout the school year and is delivered by qualified mental health professionals with experience working with young people who have mental health concerns. As school counsellors, it is our role to serve the educational enterprise of the school by fostering conditions that maximise educational equity, student wellbeing and learning success of all students.

School Counselling is a short-term, goal-focused therapy available to support students to reduce the impact that their mental health is having on their learning and life. It is important to know that School Counselling is not a long-term support service and is therefore not always able to provide the length or depth of support that some students may need to maximise their chance of recovery.

Should you feel that your daughter may benefit from accessing school counselling, please speak with your daughter’s house co-ordinator or email us on: [email protected].


Hannah Johnson and Chelsea Kent

Merici College Counsellors


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