Seiwa House Day

Seiwa House will celebrate their inaugural ‘House Day’ on Monday 25 June. This is an opportunity to acknowledge, observe and explore the Order of the Good Samaritan Nuns on which Seiwa House is founded.


Students will be required to attend normal classes during the day and will gather together in the PC lesson Period 4 to reflect on the history of Seiwa House followed by a cake in the Indigenous Garden. Seiwa students are encouraged to wear blue accessories on the day.


Guidelines for Seiwa House Day dress

Merici Student and Parent Formal 2018 Deposit Due

It is with great excitement that we provide information on the Merici Student and Parent Formal 2018.

Venue: The National Arboretum

Date: Friday 7 December

Invited: Merici Year 12 students, their partner and their parents. The College invites the parents to this event as we believe it is an important night to share with your daughter(s), celebrating her successful College graduation.

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