2020 bridge Restaurant hero image
We would like to thank our community for supporting our Bridge Benefit dinner this year.
This week, in celebration of National Science Week, we take a look back at our Science classes.
We congratulate all our students for their academic achievements.
Year 12 Retreat 2020 'Dare to Dream
The Forum is held every year and is dedicated to Year 10 students moving into their final years of education.
This week as our Year 10 students prepare for their 2020 Transitions Forum, our #MericiMoment takes a look back at forums held in the past.
As our students and staff prepare for the 2020 Vinnies Sleepout on Thursday 18 June, here is a look back at some of our past sleepouts.
Be a Merici Girl day which provides Year 6 students with the opportunity to experience a typical day at Merici College.
This week we take a look back at our St Angela Merici Days.

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