As our students and staff prepare for the 2020 Vinnies Sleepout on Thursday 18 June, here is a look back at some of our past sleepouts.
Be a Merici Girl day which provides Year 6 students with the opportunity to experience a typical day at Merici College.
This week we take a look back at our St Angela Merici Days.
We are really missing not be able to show people what life is like at Merici, so we thought we would takes a look back at some of our Open Days over the years!
We would like to thank all our families for participating in our Anzac Day Driveway dawn service and commemorating this very special day with us.
Merici College students and teachers are still embracing their House spirit from home.
In our world today there is much suffering and we focus on Easter as a period of encouragement and hope during these uncertain times.
Belonging to a community and been actively involved brings a whole lot of benefits not only to the individual but also enriches the community.

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