The Year in Vocational Education Training and Careers

At Merici we help prepare our students for the workforce opportunities of today and tomorrow.

This year has seen Canberra wake up to COVID lockdown with schools across the ACT sit virtually empty and businesses brace for a huge economic impact.


Ground Hog Day – We’ve been here before.


With the postponing of the AST until Term 4, and the uncertainty about assessment and BSSS requirements, with their lack of interaction with staff and friends, I really can't put into words how disruptive this year has been for students in Year 12.


Remote online learning works for some and not for others; it is easier for some subjects than for others. The impact on Vocational Education Training (VET) has been enormous. How do students studying Hospitality achieve competency when they are not able to practise their skills in an industrial setting? How do Media students make a film when it is impossible to interact with actors? How do those studying Sport and Recreation train others? Students studying Textiles and Fashion cannot buy materials, and do not have access to necessary equipment. You can’t achieve a Certificate in Volunteering if you can’t volunteer. There are some skills that cannot be taught remotely.


This has not stopped our students, and our Year 12 cohort are proving to be resilient. Many universities are now making offers based on Year 11 results and quite a number of this year’s graduating class have already been given a conditional offer to their degree of choice. At the same time, some will apply for Traineeships in the Public Service, move into study at CIT, or simply defer further study, to work.


At Merici we help prepare our students for the workforce opportunities of today and tomorrow.


The Vocational courses that the College offers our students in Years 10, 11 and 12 will certainly provide them with excellent opportunities to facilitate their career pathway and equip them with essential skills for the workplace or for further education.


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Kerry McDonnell

VET and Careers Coordinator

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