The Year in Science

Science at Merici

A picture really is worth a thousand words, so rather than filling these Science pages with my ramblings, beyond a few noteworthy achievements, I will let these images portray what has happened in the Science Department for 2022. 

Ms. Nazia Shirin left Merici at the beginning of Term 2. This left a large hole that was not able to be filled until Mr. Martin Wilkinson joined the team at the beginning of Term 3, moving back to Australia from Japan. I would like to personally thank all the Science staff, who shouldered the extra workload of being a man (or more accurately a woman), down and working tirelessly to ensure that science education for all students remained our first priority. 

Georgia Tonkin, Year 12 student, continued her success from the previous year in Earth Science by representing Australia at the International Earth Science Olympiad, receiving a individual Bronze and team Silver. We congratulate Georgia on her achievements and wish her all the very best for her university studies. Having taught Georgia Biology, my only regret is that she didn’t study Earth and Environmental Science as a senior subject. 

The July holidays saw a group of Merici and St. Clare’s College students in Years 8 and 9 attend the inaugural CASE ACTURA Ocean School in Brisbane and Cairns. After a delayed start due to COVID restrictions, the group, known affectionately as C24, were given unprecedented access to the latest in marine science research and experiences not readily available to students, particularly ones from land-locked Canberra. Run by the same company as the NASA Space Camp, the students all voted that Ocean School was a thoroughly enjoyable and a wonderful educational experience. 

Other than the welcoming of Mr. Martin Wilkinson to the Science team, the Science Department remained relatively stable with myself (Mrs. Jo Aboud), Mrs. Ravi Dhillon and Mr. Wilkinson teaching Biology, Mr. Oliver Barlow – Physics, Dr. Kathryn White – Chemistry, Ms. Jodie Muldoon – Psychology,  Mrs. Aboud – Earth and Environmental Science, Mrs. Carolyn Stanhope – Engineering, Mrs. Erin Barry – Sustainability and Mr. Damien Maier – Information Technology. Mr. Tristan Beltrame was also an invaluable member of the team, taking on junior Science classes in Year 7 and 8. Staff, who were ably assisted by the Lab Technicians Mrs. Cathryn Lambert and Mr.  Jack Elliott-Dunn. 

On a day to day basis, our aim this year was to inspire students through science by providing opportunities to conduct experiments that are relevant to everyday life and connected to the curriculum content, delivered via high impact teaching.

Mrs. Jo Aboud

Science Coordinator



Senior Olympiad Exam Results

Australian Biology Olympiad:

Credits: Ruofei Yan (Y11)

Australian Chemistry Olympiad:

Credits: Matilda Hanley (Y11), Aryana Niyakan-Safy (Y11), Colette Paterson (Y12), Georgia Tonkin (Y12), Saanvi Bajaj (Y12)

Australian Earth and Environmental Science Olympiad

Distinctions: Sofia White (Y10)

Credits: Hannah David-Hoole (Y10)

Big Science Competition (32 students participated)

High Distinctions: Gabrielle Shoebridge (Y10),

Distinctions: Subavee Kekulandara (Y10), Olivia Scholten (Y10), Elizabeth Uhlmann (Y8), Annie Walsh-Smith (Y7), Violet Griffin (Y7), Savannah Speirs (Y7)

Credits: Caelan Edghill (Y10), Zaima Imran (Y10), Ella Hawkes (Y10), Sofia White (Y10), Rebecca Price (Y9), Tilley Franklin (Y8), Charlotte Price (Y8), Eliza Bell (Y8), Charlotte Taylor (Y8), Selena Broad (Y8), Jazara Nave (Y7), Leah Shoebridge (Y7)

International Chemistry Quiz (29 participated)

High Distinctions: Gabrielle Shoebridge (Y10), Hannah David-Hoole (Y10), Leah Shoebridge (Y7)

Distinctions: Ruofei Yan (Y11), Aryana Niyakan-Safy (Y11), Rebecca Price (Y9)

Credits: Matilda Hanley (Y11), Olivia Scholten (Y10), Zaima Imran (Y10), Selena Broad (Y8), Eliza Bell (Y8), Annie Walsh-Smith (Y7), Savannah Speirs (Y7)

Australian Junior Science Olympiad (20 participated)

Distinctions: Hannah David-Hoole (Y10)

Credits: Ishita Gupta (Y9), Subavee Kekulandara (Y10), Lily Nutt (Y10), Rebecca Price (Y9), Penelope Reeves (Y7), Olivia Scholten (Y10), Leah Shoebridge (Y7), Sofia White (Y10).






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