Year 7 students hit the ground running with sustainability

The ­­­head honchos of Sustainability at Merici (SAM) enjoyed working with Year 7s this week. At Merici, we pride ourselves on our culture of sustainability, which pervades life at the College. This week, our new Year 7 students participated in workshops during their Integrated Humanities classes where they learned about our three-bin waste management system, our Flick the Switch campaign, and our student environment group, SAM. A big thank you to Year 12 SAM legends Julia2  (Julia Page and Julia Heather) for helping to facilitate the activities.

Pre-loved school supplies find new homes

Two birds:

  1. Purchasing new stationery, uniforms, and school supplies can be an unwelcome expense for any budget at the beginning of the year.
  2. At the end of each school year, a lot of reusable school supplies are thrown away by students and staff.

One stone: To collect unwanted school supplies at the end of the year and give them away for free at the beginning of the next!

In 2016, SAM set up collection points for unwanted school supplies during the annual locker clean-out. We cleaned and organised all the items we collected and held a giveaway during week 2 of 2017. It was very satisfying seeing would-be landfill given a second chance at life in the hands of some enthusiastic students.

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