Year 12 Farewell Assembly

I am certain, that as you venture into the world you will remain, at your core, a Merici woman, taking with you the values you know and cherish, that have become more than just words, but part of your lives and way of being.

Today our Year 12 students were formally farewelled by the Merici College community at a special assembly. On behalf of the staff and students, Mrs Wholley thanked the Year 12 students for the wonderful contribution they have made to Merici College over the years, “Strive with all your might to remain as you are called by God and to seek and desire all the ways and means necessary to persevere and make progress to the very end.” St Angela Merici

Every year at the Opening Assembly since 2013 I have concluded with the words:

Listen with Love    Learn with Hope     Live with Faith

I don’t need to tell you all about how hard 2020 has been – we have all lived through it. But I do hope that when we look back on 2020 we will not only be sad for friendships and lives lost, but we will remember the great things our community has achieved. We might even recall and be able to name the one person who kept muting the teacher on Teams, or the fun you had recreating the photos on the Feel Good page, or the hours wasted scrolling on Tiktok.

Our 2020 theme of Building Futures may have got a little lost but in reality, that is exactly what we have been doing. Each experience we have had has placed down another brick in our foundation or stepping stone towards a bright future.

To the Graduating Class of 2020 – from all the staff at Merici College … we congratulate you.

I am certain, that as you venture into the world you will remain, at your core, a Merici woman, taking with you the values you know and cherish, that have become more than just words, but part of your lives and way of being. Like strength, equality, courage, love, peace, compassion and gentleness.

You are surrounded today by fellow graduates and other young women sitting in this school community who demonstrate  these qualities and have the  potential to take them out into the world to make a difference.

We have been preparing you for this moment. Your families, your friends, your pastoral care groups, your classmates, your teachers. Together we have been your safety net. Sometimes catching you, sometimes bouncing you back up but most of the times cheering on from the side.

Learn to trust the journey ahead, even when you do not understand it. Knowing that at times the journey will be tougher than you could ever imagine . It will have times of joy tinged with thoughts of sadness, times of triumph tinged with defeat and times of success tinged with elements of failure. All great things are discovered through taking risks, making mistakes, trying again, and learning along the way. Nothing worth fight ing for is ever easy.

This year would not have been a success without our leaders. Thank you to the 2020 Specialist and House Captains. I have valued your generous spirit and the enthusiasm you have instilled in your teams and Houses and with any role you have been asked to fulfil: you have been creative and flexible in your outlook.

Today I also want to thank 2 great young ladies who have led the College. Thank you, Zoe and Ashlyn. I have appreciated your enthusiasm for life and team building activities. You have been amazing ambassadors and outstanding friends to the students in your year group and to your younger Merici Sisters. Well done and congratulations. Please accept this little gift as a token of my gratitude.

In closing - to the Class of 2020, celebrate your life by living it as best you can. This means being the best person you can be, true to yourself; using your gifts and sharing them with others. Life is a precious gift that God has given us, so be strong, continue to grow strong and show strength to others. Because the way you live your life and use your gifts is your gift to God .

The vision we have at our school is the vision of Jesus Christ – we are to be people of faith, hope and love. How are you going to bring to life your faith? How are you going to be a person of hope? In what way will you show love?

Keep our school mission statement with you always. Remembering that we challenge you to love life, have hope and build futures more wondrous than you could ever dare to dream.

May God guide your head, your heart and your hands each and every day. Good luck and God Bless.


Mrs Loretta Wholley



The assembly also included the presentation of the College Cup. The College Cup is awarded to the House with the leading points after the following is added for each House:

  • Christian Service hours
  • Academic awards – Distinction, High Distinction Awards
  • Cultural points
  • Sport points
  • Attendance throughout the year, for example: at Masses, retreats, Swimming and Athletics Carnivals
  • Whole school fundraising: Can Line, Project Compassion
  • BPA – Behaviour Point Average which is based on the personal profile section of the reports

We congratulate Penola House as the 2020 winner of the College Cup.

In concluding the assembly, the Year 12 students processed out of the assembly proudly singing the school song.

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