Year 12 2020 Academic Results

We wish to pass on our congratulations and best wishes to all our Graduands for 2020. 

83 students received their Year 12 ACT Senior Secondary Certificate. 60 students completed a Tertiary Package and received an ATAR. 23 students completed Accredited Packages, which included Vocational qualifications. 

Merici College Dux 

Highest Achieving Year 12 student at Merici College who completed a Tertiary Package Imogene Blake 

Proxime Accessit  
Runner up to the Dux is Aislinn McArdle 

ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies (BSSS) Awards 

  • Imogene Blake – Academic Excellence and Highest ATAR Award 
  • Emily Stumbles – Vocational Studies Award 
  • Grace Howse – Community Service Award 
  • Aislinn McArdle – Excellence in English Award 
  • Ashlyn Radford – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Award 

ATAR Results 

Our median ATAR was 72.55 and our average ATAR was 74.95.  

Seven (12%) students received an ATAR of 90 or higher. Twenty three (38%) students received an ATAR of 80 or higher. 75% of students who sat for the AST and completed a T Package received an ATAR of 65+.  

University Early Offers 

Over 70% of our students applied for either an Early Offer/Early Achiever’s Offer/ Spirit of Excellence Scheme or a School’s Recommendation to the following institutions: 

  • Australian National University 
  • University of Wollongong 
  • University of Canberra 
  • Australian Catholic University 

Breaking it down… 

  • 53 offers to UC through the School’s Recommendation Scheme – 8 students who completed a very good Accredited package and 45 students who completed a Tertiary package. Of these 45 students, ALL would have received an offer in the December Round due to their positive ATAR results. 
  • 8 students received conditional offers to ACU in Nursing and Teaching through the ACU Guarantee program. Once again, ALL of the Tertiary students would have received an offer in the December Round due to their positive ATAR results 
  • 3 students received an early entry offer into UOW based on their ATAR and interview application 
  • 4 students have been made offers into Engineering at UNSW (ADFA) and ANU 
  • 1 student has received a scholarship to play Soccer at Concord University, West Virginia, USA 

Students also gained offers at:  

  • Charles Sturt University 
  • Australian Defence Force Academy
  • Canberra Institute of Technology 
  • University of New England 

VET (Vocational Education and Training) Achievements 

  • In this cohort of 83 students, we had over 90% of students receive a Vocational Qualification and this was well above all other Colleges in the ACT. 
  • Many of the Year 12 students have already received recognition of Vocational Qualifications in Year 10 and these are included in the percentages.  
  • A number of our students received multiple qualifications. 
  • The qualifications the girls achieved in Year 12 were: 
  • Certificate III in Business – 11 students 
  • Certificate II in Creative Industries (Media) – 7 students 
  • Certificate II in Sport and Recreation – 9 students 
  • Certificate II in Hospitality – 9 students 
  •  Certificate II in Kitchen Operations – 8 students 
  • Certificate III in Hospitality – 8 students 

(ASBA) Australian School Based Apprenticeships and Additional Study 

  • 2 students have secured Traineeships and FT/PT employment from their ASBA/Vocational training into Information Technology and Business Administration 
  • 1student received full time employment in the Department of Finance Career Starter program in 2020 


Quite a number of our students are planning to defer their university offer in 2021 with plans to travel and gain employment and experience life outside of the classroom. 

We encourage all students to keep in touch and let us know where their future journey of learning and adventure may take them. A destination survey will be sent out after main round offers are made; we look forward to their response. 

Thank you to all our dedicated teachers for inspiring our girls to reach their potential. 

Congratulations to the Class of 2020! 

Love life, have hope, be faithful and build futures more wondrous than you could dare to dream. We are very proud of you! 


Mrs Loretta Wholley, Principal

and the staff at Merici College. 


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