What's Happening in Science

The Science Department at Merici College is committed to relating historical scientific achievement to the ‘real world’. This was highlighted in Term 2 through year group excursions to Luna Park and Questacon.

Our Year 10 students have been busily investigating work of Sir Isaac Newton, and the three laws of motion he first presented in “Principia Mathematica Philosophiae Naturalis” in 1686. Three hundred and thirty-one years of scientific progress was realised with a day trip to Luna Park, where students were challenged to view their experiences of the park through a Newtonian lens. The girls had an enormous amount of fun, and despite a few upset stomachs, the day was an immense success. Our students have reflected on their experiences through an ongoing assessment task and classwork, and as a teaching team, we can’t wait to see the magazine articles, webpages and children’s books they will produce to communicate their ever-improving knowledge and understanding of Physics.

Students in Year 9 have been exploring the topics of Heat, Light, Sound and Plate Tectonics throughout Semester 1. From a teacher’s perspective, to have the opportunity to explore discreet Physics concepts and then be able to apply them to an Earth Science context has been fantastic! The girls were challenged in Term 2 to develop an educational resource for their peers on the topic of Natural Disasters. The excursion to Questacon on Friday 12 May allowed us to take advantage of being only a short bus ride away from one of the world’s premier scientific communication facilities. Needless to say, the excursion was a great success, and we think the photos from the ‘Spectacular Science Show’ speak for themselves!

We look forward to another great semester of exploration and learning in Science at Merici!

The Science Department

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