Tam Huynh

Tam Huynh
Class of 2002

I have fond memories of my time at Merici College and made lifelong friends during my years there. It is hard to believe that it has been nearly 15 years since graduating from Merici, but sharing milestone life events with those friends makes it hard to believe that more time hasn’t elapsed.

After graduating from Merici in 2002, I moved to Sydney to complete a combined Bachelor of Engineering (Computer) and Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) degree at the University of Sydney. My years at Merici helped form the foundations of my academic studies and professional career. My interest in Math, Physics and IT during my school years made it a no brainer to choose to study Engineering as my main discipline. Studying engineering was not without challenges and was definitely a different dynamic going from an all-girls school to a male dominated discipline. However, my thoughts back then, and still now, is that there is no reason a female cannot succeed in any disciple, male dominated or not.

...there is no reason a female cannot succeed in any discipline, male dominated or not.

After completing my undergraduate studies, I happened upon a role as a Trainee Patent Attorney and completed a Master of Industrial Property to become a Registered Patent Attorney. Today, nearly ten years on, I continue to practice in my role as a Senior Associate Patent Attorney. A career as a Patent Attorney may seem a little left field after completing an Engineering and Commerce degree, but I really believe that I have benefited from completing the two degrees. I am often asked whether I initially completed a law degree, in response to which I explain that a Patent Attorney requires a technical degree in the area in which one practices. In my case, I mainly practice in the area of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). In my job I assist individuals and corporations to obtain patent protection for their inventions in Australia and around the world.

My job makes for a challenging but enjoyable and rewarding career given the world of innovation we live in today, and it is so great to see Merici’s creativity and innovation with your own “Shark Tank” and recent 2017 Innovative School award – congratulations and thank you for the opportunity to share my story.

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