Nutrition Australia Grant for Beeswax Wrap-Making Workshops

Thank you Canberra Environment Centre for facilitating the workshops.

In October, Merici was awarded a Nude Food Week grant from Nutrition Australia to run two beeswax wrap-making workshops. Last week, we were lucky enough to have Gaby from the Canberra Environment Centre facilitating the workshops, where we learnt about preventing plastic use in the kitchen and made some beeswax wraps.

The workshops were great fun and saw a collection of students from across year levels, parents, support staff and teachers all learning about alternatives to single-use plastics in the kitchen. Beeswax wraps are a sustainable, re-usable alternative to cling wrap that can be washed and used again for about a year. Everyone at each workshop got their hands dirty and made their own wraps to take home and make their kitchens more sustainable!

If you’re interested in learning about making beeswax wraps or any other eco-skills, have a look at the workshops run by the Canberra Environment Centre at

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