New House Crests

New House Crests

On Friday 31 May, as part of St Angela Merici Day and in celebration of our 60th Anniversary, new House crests were unveiled to our community. Our House Story was also presented to our community which covered the history of our Houses.


  • The Balgo House crest includes the Sisters of Mercy Cross, representing the religious Order connected to Balgo.
  • Sun rays symbolizing life and strength, to represent the Sisters of Mercy in dedicating their lives to helping the sick and less-fortunate.
  • Aboriginal meeting place – representing women gathering with ties to the Aboriginal heritage of the name.


  • The Brescia House crest includes a love heart, the universal symbol of love and representation of the Ursuline Sisters.
  • An open book symbolizes the Ursuline Sisters devotion to improving education for women and girls.
  • The plant represents the St Angela Merici rose, symbolising knowledge and growth. By connecting the book and the rose, the branches and leaves represents the many opportunities that can be taken.


  • The Ningil House crest includes a flame, reflecting religious zeal and martyrdom. The Ningil founder, Nano Nagle, often made visits in the night, carrying a lamp. She became known as the Lady of the Lantern.
  • The crescent moon symbolizes new beginnings and reflects birth cycles and fertility associated with womanhood.
  • Frangipani petals/flower are an emblem of Papua New Guinea, which is where the Ningil Mission was founded.


  • The Penola House crest includes symmetry, used to represent balance and equality.
  • The cross on a peak represents the strong foundation and the Sisters of St Joseph.
  • The cross-hatch diamond pattern is symbolic of chain mail armour. This shape is also used to represent the Order.


  • The Seiwa House crest includes a dove, a recognised symbol of the Holy Spirit,
  • The olive branch is a symbol of peace.
  • This crest fully captures the motto of peace and compassion.


  • The Tullow House crest symmetrical shape is reflective of the Celtic symbol of strength.
  • The shape is also reflective of a magnolia flower, which is a recognised symbol of gentleness.
  • The shapes combine to represent the Brigidine Cross.




Our House Story

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