A message from our Captains

2022 has exciting potential for us as your leaders, and we cannot wait to see what it will yield for each and every one of you.

Welcome new and returning Merici staff, sisters and members of the community to the year of 2022. What an eventful year 2021 was, and as your Captains, we could not be more excited and grateful to lead you into this new year. Hopefully, the Year 7s of 2022 will not have to experience the challenge of online learning... fingers crossed, don’t want to jinx things! Lockdown has provided some immensely complex challenges for us all and we recognise the profound impact it has had on the community, which is why we encourage all year groups to not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Our College’s incredible staff are also always willing to support and uplift you to be the best version of yourself. The nurturing and cheerful environment of Merici College aims for all students to feel welcomed into our community, and we can’t wait for everyone new to settle into this experience. 

In 2022, the Merici College theme is Serviam, meaning “I will serve” in Latin,  and it is currently implemented in varied and innovative ways throughout the school. From our Angel Service Hours Program, to Cross-Age Tutoring, all members of the school community are encouraged to serve others and lead by example, and our passionate teachers and leadership team are there to guide you every step of the way. Our College is especially unique in its ability to provide students with great resources and creative learning opportunities, allowing each girl to feel confident and prepared for the difficulties that life throws at them. This broad range of possibilities and outlets available there at Merici, means every girl is able to explore a road suitable for them, establishing a strong and active sense of self for the future.

This year, we hope to emphasise the value of inter-year relations within the Pastoral Care system, the mental health support services available, and the importance of having fun and celebrating small-wins after the bleakness of the past two years. We want to encourage all of you to make a habit of being courageous, and brave enough to risk failing at something new. To our new Year 7s – we completely understand the daunting environment that high school is – but don’t forget that we’ve all been there, and whilst older students can often appear unapproachable, we’re committing ourselves to going out into the schoolyard, introducing ourselves, and getting to know you all. 

We promise to embrace our new values of Fidelitas (Faith), Integritas (Principles), Communitas (Inclusivity) and Spes (Hope) this year, and wish for all of you to join us in making these a priority for 2022. The world needs great women, and we want to show the world that we are already here – empowering you to walk out of our school with dreams and visions, as girls who realise their unstoppable potential. Let’s celebrate the diversity of our school, and continue in the footsteps of St. Angela Merici, as we prepare for a brilliant year ahead!

2022 has exciting potential for us as your leaders, and we cannot wait to see what it will yield for each and every one of you. We have no doubt that the loving and flourishing sisterhood of Merici will create an ideal place for you to ready yourselves for the highs and lows of life, with all differences not only respected, but encouraged. 


Freya Spring

College Captain


Amy Stubbs

College Vice Captain



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