Introducing our 2023 College Captains … Tessa George, 2023 Balgo House Captain

Tessa George, 2023 Balgo House Captain

Balgo House Captain

Name: Tessa George

Dream job: Own my own cafe and make coffee till my life feels complete!

One place you want to travel to: Russia (like its so cool, but probably after the war, I don't want to get caught up in that.)

Hobbies: Sleeping anytime anywhere, hanging out with my pups and going on excruciatingly long drives by myself blasting music.

Favourite food: Slightly salted, almost undercooked broccoli and Reeses Peanut Butter cups but only the mini’s (they just hit different).

Favourite movie: She’s the man but I am yet to find a movie that fully satisfies me, that makes me feel complete after watching it.

Favourite book: Stormbreaker - Anthony Horowitz

Favourite singer: Miley Cyrus, Dean Lewis

Favourite song: Without you but only the Miley Cyrus remix version not the original by just The Kid Laroi

Favourite subject: Mathematics

Party trick: I can do a killer British accent anytime anywhere!

Most embarrassing moment: A friend and I were at a kebab shop at 10.30 in the morning and people were giving us the look and we both thought it was because they were judging us on getting kebabs at that time of the morning. But it turns out we were surrounded by about 20 magpies (that for whatever reason we did not see) and we got swooped by about 5 birds all at once. Turns out they were not judging us they were just worried for our safety from the birds.

I am looking very forward to working with the students and staff of Balgo House next year!

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