Introducing our 2023 College Captains … Ruby Alexander, 2023 SRC Captain

SRC Captain

Name:Ruby Alexander

Dream job: TBD

One place you want to travel to: Antarctica

Hobbies:  Walking, going to the beach.

Favourite foods : Lasagna and Sausage

Favourite drink: Chocolate milk

Favourite movie: Frozen - Just because of Olaf.

Favourite book: Tashi

Favourite song: Glorious by Macklemore

Favourite song lyric: “Bob the Builder, Can we fix it? Bob the Builder, Yes, we can!”

Favourite subject: Mr Ryan’s Math class.

Go-to joke:What's brown and sticky ? A STICK!

Most embarrassing moment: I fell off an electric scooter.

Hi All. I am stoked to be your SRC cap for ‘23 and to meet the team. I hope that Merici can continue to be a place where every student has a voice in the decision process; their ideas and issues are heard and acted on.

That's where I need your help! I would love it if everyone would put their ideas down no matter the task (small or big )so we (Me and the SRC team) can support you with all your needs.

To contact me just pop an email to or put suggestions in the suggestion box @the seiwa ningil intersection.

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