Year 9 and 10 Dance students preparing for their workshop.

On Tuesday 6 June, the Year 9 and 10 Dance students were privileged to participate in a contemporary dance workshop, led by two independent dance artists and recent graduates of the Victorian College of the Arts, Jack Riley and Olivia McPherson.

Jack and Olivia began the workshop by leading students through a warmup and a series of travelling and floor exercises. Emphasis was on activating one’s core and softening the legs to get close to the floor. The class progressed to movement phrases which were fast, fluid and connected. The students’ confidence grew as the class went on.

A ‘Follow the Leader’ improvisation exercise took some students out of their comfort zone as each girl took it in random turns to lead the entire group! Smaller groups proved less confronting and this was a great activity to both watch and in which to participate. A choreographic activity in small groups followed and each student was asked to explore some of the exercises and techniques which they had experienced in the class. Jack and Olivia commented at the end of the workshop that they were impressed by the creativity and cooperation of the Merici girls. The session concluded with a Question and Answer session and our guest teachers shared their own journey in the dance world thus far. Jack and Olivia gave the students good advice and encouraged them to be patient with themselves if injured and to take opportunities when they present themselves. Thank you to Mrs Pearce for organising the workshop.

Harmony Davey (Year 10)



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