ANZAC Assembly

CMDR Ween and her family, together with Mrs Anna Masters, Principal

Principal's Address

A special thank you to all our students and families who commemorated ANZAC Day with our community.

For me, Anzac Day and the ceremonies so unique to it, are always about Memory, both personal and collective. I was reminded of the horror, purposelessness and destruction that comes with conflict, sometimes on an enormous scale as I visited the Anzac Memorial Center in Albany WA in the recent holiday. I found the name of my grandfather, a Gallipolli veteran, who left Australia in the first convoy of WW1. As I explored that peaceful and beautiful place, it struck me that the headland I stood on was the last piece of Australia, home, to be seen by so many.

Anzac commemorations are opportunities for looking to my loved ones, friends and colleagues. Chances to reach out in gratitude, love and fraternity to my neighbours and community. It is a time where I realise, once again, how wonderful my country is in a world threatened by so much. I am reminded of how precious and fragile this all truly is. In our year of Community – our Defence family members, past and present, our nation’s history and traditions, reinforce that “I am because we are”!

Thank you everyone for joining us today for our special ceremony.

On behalf of the Merici College students and staff, Alexandra and Madeline Ween would like to present a gift of appreciation to our guest speaker today, Commander Christina Ween. Your story, wisdom and depth of experience have been a precious gift to us today.

Thank you to all staff and students for your respectful, prayerful and gracious participation in today’s Anzac Ceremony. A special thank you to all of our guests, Merici College Defence families, the Catafalque Party and our musicians for attending. As always, thank you to Mrs Friend, Mrs Spiller, Ms Harrold-Carter, Ms Lloyd, Mr Cannell and his team, the Merici Vocal Group, student and staff AV experts and Canteen staff for making possible this special commemorative gathering.

Anna Masters, Principal

CMDR Ween Address

ANZAC Day commemorates the landing of Australian and New Zealand troops on the Gallipoli peninsula on the 25th April 1915.

We gather as always, not to glorify war, but to remind ourselves that we value who we are and the freedoms we possess; and to acknowledge the courage and sacrifice of those who contributed to shaping the identity of our nation, and those that continue to serve.     

We are here today to remember those of all generations, who have served our nation and paid the ultimate sacrifice; never again to return home to the land they loved; never again to see their family and friends.

Sadly, our World War II service members are now very few in number. Known as the Greatest Generation- they helped our allies to defeat hate, cruelty and greed in Europe and across the Indo-Pacific.

These veterans, both women and men, who returned, tempered by war, took on the task of rebuilding Australia. We are all in their debt, and we pay our respects to those of that generation of citizens, still with us today.

The experience of wars in Korea and Vietnam remains vivid in the hearts and minds of many Australians. Those of us in uniform today have inherited the legacy of those who served in these wars, they epitomised the spirit and values displayed in every battle in which Australians have proven themselves. The men and women of today’s Australian Defence Force, strive daily to emulate the qualities of self-sacrifice, courage and a fair go for others demonstrated by those who have come before us in the Australian Uniform. Their example offers both inspiration and the required standard of us.

There are also younger ADF veterans who equally deserve our respect and our gratitude. Marked by their experience far from our shores, many have lost friends, and there is still much pain from these losses.  These veterans stand alongside us every day, making their contribution to our Nation; serving their community just as the earlier generations of veterans have done.

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