2021 Student Leadership Team

2021 College Captains

College Captain:  Heather Bravo

College Vice Captain: Caitlyn Crick


2021 Specialist Captains

Art & Culture:  Fey Etherington

Social Justice: Sara Blakey

Spirituality: Mila Bandle

SRC:  Rebecca Fergusson

Sport & Well-Being: Gabrielle Reynolds

Sustainability: Preashika Dhakal

Transitions:  Isabella Foster

The position of Narragunnawali Captain will be shared with Indigenous Students from Year 11, as there is no student in Year 12.


2021 House Captains and Vice Captains

Balgo: Grace Bessey (House Captain), Claire Solomon (Vice Captain)

Brescia:  Daisy Canavan (House  Captain), Hannah Dyce-Carter (Vice Captain)

Ningil:  Lucy Aboud (House Captain), Sophie Spice (Vice Captain)

Penola:  Georgia Graney (House Captain), Mia Jaggers (Vice Captain)

Seiwa: Charlotte Ermacora, (House Captain) Grace Moore (Vice Captain)

Tullow:  Nazeeya Hasan (House Captain), Jacinda Hledik (Vice Captain)

Congratulations and best wishes for a great year ahead.

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